Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Tulsidas begins his work of spreading knowledge of Ram Charitra Manas.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu Mahadev chanting Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram praising Ram Charitra Manas in his words telling it to Tulsidas that this is my praise for your book which contains truth & beautiful words along with God’s name & Tulsidas prays him for giving praise to the book.

Santh Gyani along with Brahman’s enter the temple but face a very bright light while entering while all of them vanish leaving Tulsidas alone hence Tulsidas shows them the page written by Prabhu Mahadev telling them that it’s himself written by Prabhu which you needed so now atleast you all can believe me I am not fake but Gyani says how do we believe it’s written by Prabhu himself & Tulsidas says this was also chanted by him while one of Brahman also says yes he heard such voice but Gyani again asks how it can be proved it was Prabhu’s voice & his student also interrupts saying his one of devotee also has the same voice so it can be him so Gyani says see Tulsidas can’t prove himself so it seems this book he wishes to spread only to make himself famous which is fake it seems or just Tulsi Ramayan but Tulsidas shouts saying the name is also given by Mata Paravati itself hence it will be called as “Ram Charitra Manas” & Gyani is shocked. Tulsidas says that if at all you do not believe me never mind but I am contended with faith on me from my Prabhu, Mata & Shri Hanuman which is enough & he leaves taking his books along.

Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that when Prabhu Mahadev as well as Mata Paravati gave name & appreciation to Tulsidas about his book then why people weren’t believing him & he tells him he was about to get appreciation form people which was taking time to happen due to negativity around him.

Tulsidas sits to spread knowledge of his book but nobody arrives in his class feeling depressed while Gyani who is watching feels happy about his class being empty & Shri Hanuman arrives in disguise while a crow also arrives sitting besides him. Shrikant tells Tulsidas still nobody has arrived while Shri Hanuman shows him the right path explaining that to not to get depressed so soon as you have to face such challenges when you begin some new work so think that I this crow, your friend & this whole nature is with you then why to worry & Tulsidas feels happy.

Ganeshji says Tulsidas began his work of spreading knowledge within people & was also about to do some good work in future.

Shrikant tells him should we wait for some time for people to arrive but Tulsidas says why to wait as you, this Brahman as well as the crow are already present along with the whole nature then why should we stop hence Shrikant also agrees & Tulsidas begins narrating his book but slowly lot of crowd gathers in his class making Gyani jealous about it. Gyani’s student tells him to do something soon or he’ll lose his students leaving him but Gyani says to let him do only one mistake & then see I will do such a thing by which he has to leave this Ayodhya & Kashi once & for all.

A beggar is roaming in village asking to help him but all the people are avoiding him & he also claims himself as a criminal then too nobody is helping him while Tulsidas sees him & offers water making him comfortable but all are shocked to see Tulsidas touching a beggar & abusing him while Shrikant intimates him to leave him now & concentrate for class to start but Tulsidas explains him helping a helpless is not a crime but it’s a good cause. This is watched by student of Gyani & feels this is right mistake by Tulsidas to inform Santh Gyani to plan for his punishment to leave this place. The criminal beggar praises Tulsidas saying he wishes to become his student for repenting his mistakes done in his life.

Precap: Gyani tells everybody that now Santh Tulsidas wishes to improve this criminal hence I wish to challenge Tulsidas that let him only perform Pooja of Nandeshwar offering Durva flowers & if it’s accepted by God then I’ll accept my defeat & Tulsidas agrees for the challenge.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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