Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Gunvati achieves blessings from her Prabhu Narayan.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gunvati performing prayers in devotion towards her Prabhu Narayan inspite facing all the pain while her friend handles her who was about to fall in pain & her friend says she hasn’t eaten anything so this is happening but she says she’ll get food with blessings of Prabhu itself.

Prabhu Narayan tells Devi Satyabhama she lost herself in meditation due to which her body was also deteriorating & she asks him what she did later & he says one day some Brahman’s came to her hut.

Some Brahman’s arrive at Gunvati’s hut introducing them as Prabhu Narayan’s devotee’s & asking for shelter but she was unable to get up then too she got up & slowly walked out of her hut to tell them she has nothing to give them then to she can give them water & one of Brahman says her welcoming was only enough to them but they’ll take water & she gives them then one of them requests her if she can offer food due to hungry but she falls in confusion saying she also is living her life with water only & she has nothing or she must have given to them but one of Brahman smells in her hut & says but he is smelling so nice aroma from her hut which feels good food is ready it seems & Gunvati also goes to check & finds food ready in two utensils hence prays Prabhu for blessing her so that now Brahman’s won’t go empty stomach & she provides all of them the food.

Later after eating all the Brahman praise her but she says it’s all because of Prabhu’s blessings this has happened & one of Brahman gives her some unique blessings due to which she asks him will she be blessed by this because she wishes to achieve blessings of her Prabhu Narayan hence one of Brahman advises her to perform Ekadashi fast & she says she always do since childhood & he says due to which this is your blessings from Prabhu so he advises to perform in Kartik month bath prayers so that she’ll be blessed & she decides accordingly.

Gunvati also offers her friend the same food which she tells her she got this due to Prabhu’s blessings but her friend finds only some quantity left & asks her then too she wishes to share with her & she says it’s their tradition to share & eat hence her friend also praises her. Gunvati also shares her about Brahman’s advise to her of performing in Kartik month bath prayers hence accordingly she begins that on the day arrived.

Gunvati begins performing her prayers of Kartik month having bath in a river & also sends a Diya light on a Paan in river which slowly flows across & also which she keeps doing for all the days in that month but last day comes when she falls sick & she is taken care by her friend who advises her to not to do this henceforth but Gunvati says tomorrow is last day then finished & next day she goes painfully but falls down on the steps of river praying Prabhu to bless her complete this bath but she loses her strength while Prabhu flows water from river on her & she achieves Prabhu’s blessings who comes to meet her & her soul cries saying she couldn’t complete her prayers but he tells her she has achieved his blessings & also she will get to become wife of Prabhu Shri Krishna in next birth & he takes her into his Rath.

Devi Satyabhama asks Prabhu he had sent Brahman’s to her hut it seems & he says who is purely devoted has to help his devotee & also she became wife of Shri Krishna later on she is his wife now.

Mata Kamyaksha also tells Ganeshji Gunvati got blessings of becoming wife of Shri Krishna from Prabhu Narayan. Ridhi & Sidhi asks her does Ekadashi & Kartik fast has so great importance & she tells them it is which fulfils wishes of a women who performs this purely. Ganeshji asks Mata will Devi Satyabhama kill this evil & she says both of them will kill Narkasoor but when his time arrives.

Bhudevi is warning Narkasoor he must stop his evil planning to do or will end his life due to this but he ignores her ordering his senapati to bring hundred beautiful women’s whom he is going to marry.

Precap: All beautiful women are brought by senapati of Narkasoor who are pleading from Narkasoor to leave them but he is laughing on their conditions. Mata Paravati is expressing to Ganeshji how cruel Narkasoor can be to clutch helpless women’s & Ganeshji assures her he’ll free them from this disgusting evil hence moves towards all those women’s who are about to be tortured by an evil women.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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