Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with prabhu avdhut saying to indra dev that you are in this situation due to your ego and attitude as you had shown ego to vighnaharta ganesh who is almighty and hope now you understood your mistake. Lankesh says that what happened to the light of prabhu avdhut’s third eye that opened. Ganesh says that such light can be taken by only samudra dev and that light went through in but cause of that light jalindhar was born and that is a completely different story. Ganesh says that by this prabhu avdhut proved that ego destroy’s man and makes him fall on his knees. And if he doesn’t then his soul has burned down. Ganesh says that now let’s pray so that prabhu avdhut blesses us and we can proceed forward. Lankesh tries to stop him but in vain, they start praying and prabhu avdhut appears. Lankesh gets scared and hides the atmaling but it comes in light. Lankesh thinks that I tried to hide this but it appeared to him. Prabhu avdhut says that you have to let go of your ego and attitude and to do that you have to always walk on honesty’s path and you will need that in future. He goes and lankesh says to mushakraj that did your story end, was it so small? Mushakraj continues saying that devraj indra understood his mstake and now it was time for other gods to understand their mistake. Ganesh says that all gods refused to me mushakji so now how will I reach there, mushakraj says that all the gods insulted ganesh dev and I will punish them, they get down and many small rats come up and other side the mandap for marriage is getting decorated. Mushakraj says that I couldn’t bear the insult of my prabhu and then while walking they reach to place where snakes were there, mushakraj gets scared and says that snake and shivers, lankesh catches hold of one snake who was coming towards them and throws it and says to mushakraj that you are getting scared of a snake and how did you teach a lesson to gods. Mushakraj says that you are right and without my prabhu I am nothing. Ganesh asks lankesh to drink water. Ganesh says that no god was ready to me on his vehicle and what is mushakji doing here with so many rats. Ganesh sits on mushakraj and they go while other rat’s start digging the land. All gods are racing to reach first, devraj indra sees this and says that all gods are on a spree to reach first and their ego is making them do this. Devraj thinks that I have to stop them somehow and make them realize their mistake. All gods are saying that thank god we didn’t take ganesh with us otherwise due to his weight we would have reached late. Devraj thinks I wish I would have taken ganeshji with me. All gods are racing and suddenly they fall on land and get inside as the rats have dug the land till the end so gods start getting into it and are not able to come out of it. Devraj also falls down and wonders what is happening and shani dev also falls down. All gods say what and why is this happening. Devraj says that in this race we didn’t take ganeshji with us and that is what went wrong. Then gods say that it is not our mistake that he didn’t come as his vehicle is slow. The ground starts breaking and getting in deeper. Elsewhere lord Vishnu and devi Lakshmi make a statue of ganesh and say that you are the first one whom we want in our marriage. They start praying and all other gods realize their mistake and simultaneously start praying. Then mushakraj says that prabhu where will you appear and ganesh appears to all gods and also in front of lord Vishnu and devi Lakshmi. The episode ends.

Precap: The marriage gets completed and all gods understand their mistake but in the marriage a problem comes up and then mahadev’s next avatar is shown.  

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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