Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Durgamasura prays to mata.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata brahmari in her divya avatar with mahadev. All gods are saved by mahadev’s power. Mahadev uses his power and by a storm he saves the gods. The gods are freed and they go out of the caves as it starts getting destroyed. Mahadev starts using his damru and the sound is heard all over the universe. All gods pray to mata brahmari. Ganesh says mata, now the end of arunasura is here, you have to kill him mother. Tridev and all goddesses come. Mata brahmari uses her powers and all brahmari bees fly around her. Mata turns into the brahmari bee and she kills arunasura. Ganesh says mother, arunasura is finally dead.
Durgamasura gets angry as he sees arunasura dead and says now I have to do something else, I have to call another demon. What do I do? Durgamasura says yes, I will pray to mata’s nimavat avatar, durgamasura starts praying at the huge fire and says mata give me darshan, help me. durgamasura continues praying.
Mata brahmari then stands tall in her divya avatar. Mahadev’s damru is played by mahadev, the sound travels across the universe. Mata says swami! She smiles and turns into brahmari and flies back to the lotus in the swamp, kartikeya says ganesh your plan was very good.
There durgamasura says mata, help me! come and help me. give me your darshan. Mata nimavat, says you fool, I have tried to convince you so many times, you cannot defeat adishakti still you wont change, all your demons will die and even you. durgamasura takes a sword and cuts his hand and sacrifices it, he then puts it on his neck and says mata, help me mata otherwise I shall kill myself. Mata waits and durgamasura says guide me mata, please. Mata appears and says durgamasura, till now you have done and forced me to give your darshan, that is why I shall help you. what do you want? Tell me! what do you want?
Durgamasura says mata, you are the ansh of adishakti. Her power flows in you so you know her weakness, how do I defeat her? What do I do mata! Mata nimavat says durgamasura, you are anyway going to be killed by adishakti, so try what you can. I will help you because I am forced! Mata says durgamasura, just know that no god or goddess can hurt innocent Cobras, go and use shesh naag to help you in your process to defeat adishakti. Durgamasura says yes mata, you are right. I shall summon my friend mayasura, he will help me because no one can escape his maya, not even brahmadev.
Kartikeya and ganesh go to the cave to find durgamasura and fight him. ganesh says brother maybe that is the cave where durgamasura is, lets go. kartikeya says yes we have to stop him from forcing mata’s avatar. Mata is in pain because of that.
Durgamasura prays to mata again, she gets angry and removes her sword. Durgamasura says if you want to kill me, then do it otherwise tell me how do I defeat mata adishakti? Tell me mata, tell me. durgamasura then puts burning coal on himself and mata says you have forced me, okay then but still you wont win.

Precap: Durgamasura tells mayasura to bring the innocent Nag’s in the cave and even the gods and devi adishakti cannot stamp on those innocent cobras and go ahead.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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