Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Indra dev kills rishi vishwaroop.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh taking his divya avatar. Rishi dadichi sees from the ashram and goes and does pranam to ganesh. Dadichi says prabhu I am grateful for your darshan, but I would ask only one more favor! I wish to have the darshan for your maha ganpati form. Ganesh closes his eyes and maha ganpati appears behind him in his divya form. Shani dev does pranam as rishi dadichi falls at his knees and takes the blessings of maha ganpati ji and says prabhu, I accepted all the weapons of god and I am thankful to you for saving me and my ashram from vidhwanshak and his demons.
Ravana tells ganesh that dadichi sent indra dev to ask forgiveness from devguru Brihaspati but indra dev did another mistake. He went to rishi dwasht to make a new devguru, rishi vishwaropp as the new devguru as viswaroop was the son of rishi dwasht.
Indra dev asks rishi dwasht, we have come here to ask your son rishi vishwaroop to be the new devguru, rishi dwasht says indra dev, my son will be the devguru but the way you insulted rishi Brihaspati, I wont tolerate my son being insulted. Indra dev and the gods say, we promise you that we wont insult rishi vishwaroop ever. Rishi vishwaroop comes and says devraj indra, I the son of rishi dwasht shall be the devguru from now. Rishi vishwaroop thinks, I will be the devguru and the demons will be at advantage.
Ravana tells ganesh, rishi vishwaroop’s love for the demons had not gone and so he decided to help the demons while he was the devguru. Ganesh says but this is wrong.
Indra dev and the gods go and with rishi vishwaroop a yagya is started in swarg lok. After the yagya, rishi vishwaroop gets up quietly and takes away the good gains of the yagya, and its Prasad and he goes secretly in a forest. Indra dev follows secretly and he sees vishwaroop meet up with some demons. Vishwaroop gives the good gains of the yagya and Prasad to the demons and says give these to powerful demons and from now I shall give all the gains of the yagya done by gods to the demons. The demons go. Indra dev comes and is angry and vishwaroop is scared and worried. Indra dev says you cheated with devraj indra! All gods come. Indra dev says you shall be punished rishi vhishwaroop. Indra dev removes his sword and kills vishwaroop.
Ganesh says but this way, indra dev became a part of the sin of brahma hatya. Ravana says yes, so rishi dwasht was very angry and he created a powerful son from the fire of his anger. Dwasht creates a demonic son named vridhasura. Dwasht says go my son and kill devraj indra and terrorize the universe and cause destruction. Vridhasura goes and starts the destruction.
Rishi dadichi is with his wife devi suvarna and he says devi, in 2 days mahadev will be born as a son to us so I am very happy. I shall decorate our ashram as mahadev comes here. Dadichi climbs up a hut using ladders as he decorates the ashram. Shani dev’s vision causes a trouble as the roof of the hut collapses and devi suvarna is scared and screams, dadichi holds the roof and puts it back and comes to devi suvarna but the hut falls down. Suvarna is worried and says what is all this? These are bad signs that a huge problem is going to come to our family.
All gods face the demon vridhasura as vridhasura has made swarg lok disappear. Vridhasura is causing destruction. Indra dev remembers shani dev’s vision stare and he recalls the way he insulted rishi brishapasti due to the stare of shani dev. Indra dev recalls all his mistakes where he should have asked forgiveness from brishapasti and the way he killed rishi vishwaroop, now he shall face the demon vridhasura.
Indra dev says it is true, when shani’s stare falls on someone they should face their problems with all bravery and patience but I did not do that, now I should improve my first mistake.
Ravana says indra dev wanted to improve his mistakes because he had finally realized what he had done! Vridhasura had caused destruction and was capable of destroying the entire universe.
Shani dev tells indra dev, because of your mistakes a huge demon like vridhasura has been born and is causing destruction, now you have to improve your mistakes and make amends.
Ravana says vridhasura was now engulfing the entire universe and this was going to be a huge problem for rishi dadichi.

Precap: rishi dadichi says how can I help you? Indra dev says we need your ashes. Dadichi is shocked. Devi suvarna is forced to abandon her new born son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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