Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Atyasura comes to gods.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord vishnu saying kartikeya remember, don’t get into any trap that tarkasura lays because he is very cruel, when you will think it is the right thing to do, then think! Maybe what you think is right to do must be the wrong thing to do. Kartikeya says yes mama shree Vishnu, thank you for guiding me. Lord Vishnu goes.
In the palace, tarkasura says yes atyasura you are right. I have lost everything, tarkasura gets sad and sits down and says I wanted a life for demons, I prayed and meditated for years so that I got a wish from brahma dev, then I did all this and built shauryapur and claimed swarg lok by victory! I did this all only for us demons because I wanted that demons be respected just as much as gods are respected, but no now you say atysaura that to save

our lives we should rather surrender and ask for peace otherwise the gods will kill us. All demons get up. Tarkasura then gets angry and says demon brothers, look at our coward atyasura! You tell me that we should rather leave our self respect and bow before the gods otherwise they will kill us, then we shall rather fight them I say. Everyone say yes. Atyasura is worried and scared, he says maharaj I did not mean it that way but we can live in peace with gods and what is the wrong in that? tarkasura says atyasura you can die either way because you are not of our race now, you have taken sides with the gods. All demons say yes.
There kartikeya is with gods near tarkasura’s palace. Atyasura comes flying. Suryadev says see a demon is coming. Indra dev says but why is he coming alone? Suryadev says that is the same demon who came to kailash and threw the head of gandharva hansraj. Vayu dev says yes he is that same demon, he has helped tarkasura and we should kill him. indra dev and gods remove their weapons as kartikeya looks at the demon. Atyasura comes and lands down. atyasura says I have come here to take safety under you, there is nothing left for me with demons and I want to be with the gods now. Indra dev says angrily, no this is a trick of the demons, kill him. kartikeya says why have you come now? All this time you were against us. Atyasura says no, since the start I have warned maharaj tarkasura about you and the gods, I have always told him to not cross paths with anyone and ask for peace, even today I did the same but they all instead went against me and were about to kill me, I came from there as the demons will kill me, I told them the right thing to do but tarkasura and his commanders don’t want to change. Atysura says all commanders went against him so he came here. Vayu dev says no, we wont give you protection you are a demon, go away otherwise we shall kill you. Atyasura says it is not my trick but even you all wont believe me, atyasura turns to go. kartikeya stops him and says you can be with us from now, you have asked for protection and to be our disciple, so we shall allow that. the gods say but kumar. Kartikeya says no devraj, he is right, he is trying to do the right thing but we will protect him.
Suddenly tarkasura’s huge face appears out of palace and tarkasura says kartikeya, don’t protect him, leave him and give him to us, he has betrayed us so you shall not come in between, we will kill him. kartikeya says no tarkasura, you will die, I am going to protect atyasura because he has come under our gods for protection and bhakti. Tarkasura goes angrily.
In the palace, tarkasura’s commander says maharaj, you shouldn’t have let him go like that, what if atyasura tells the gods any of your secret powers or any weakness you may have? Tarkasura laughs and says you have been my commander since the start, do you know any of my powers and weaknesses? Commander says no. tarkasura says then how will atyasura know that? no one knows my powers and weakness, so I am invincible. Tarkasura laughs.

Precap: the battle between kartikeya and tarkasura starts. Mata skand guides tarkasura through the war with tarkasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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