Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Adishakti gives ganesh her powers.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev blessing ganesh and says he will build his temple in kashi to thank him. mahadev uses his powers and he makes a huge temple of ganesh, named after Herambh! His new avatar. All gods pray to ganesh. Ganesh then takes then herambh avatar, as he sits on a lion with five heads and many hands. Everyone do pranam to the new avatar of ganesh. Ganesh blesses everyone and comes back to his original form. Kartikeya says everything is finally fine now, not we have to save devi of ved and mata you have to kill durgamasura! Mata adishakti says yes, durgamasura shall be punished, he will die for his sins but unless devi of ved is saved from durgamasura and brought to safety, I cannot kill durgamasura. Ganesh says why mother?
Mata adishakti says ganesh, devi of ved has to be saved from durgamasura first, she has to be brought back on earth, then all the ved and knowledge of the universe will be restored and the gods will get their powers back, they will be fine once again and their godliness will be restored. Once that is done, the universe will be balanced and will work as before, then I will go and kill durgamasura for his sins. Mata says but ganesh, devi of ved has to be escaped from there quietly without durgamasura knowing of it. and only you have that intelligence and cleverness to save devi of ved, so I want you to go and save devi of ved from durgamasura’s lok and bring her back. then I will go and kill durgamasura. Ganesh says okay mother I will go and save ved devi.
Adishakti says ganesh, you shall not go alone. You will have all my powers, because when you enter durgamasura’s lok, it shall start burning and get destroyed if you have my powers with you. adishakti gives ganesh a burning diya and says ganesh all my powers are vested in this diya’s light so you have to be careful and not let it extinguish otherwise you will lose my powers, if you enter the lok of durgamasura with this burning diya, its light once entered durgamasura’s lok will destroy it and then you can go and save devi of ved. Ganesh says okay mother. Ganesh takes the diya and protects it by surrounding his hand around it, he sits on mushak ji and goes towards durgamasura’s lok.
Durgamasura is praying to mata kali and he cuts one hand and sacrifices it for her darshan. Durgamasura says mata give me darshan, it seems you aren’t impressed yet then I shall burn myself completely in your fire! I shall sacrifice myself entirely. Durgamasura puts his hand inside fire and lets it burn, after more test mata kali appears in the fire form. She says durgamasura you keep calling evil powers for your support, I have come here! what do you want durgamasura? Durgamasura says mata, finally you have come, I will take control of this universe but the gods are planning against me. I want to know what is their plan? Mata kali laughs and says you think you can control this universe? You are going to die durgamasura, soon your end will be near but yes I shall guide you because you are my disciple, mata aidshakti has sent her son ganesh here! ganesh is coming with a diya that has all powers of mata adishakti in its light! If ganesh enters your lok then even the diya’s light will touch the lok, and your lok shall be destroyed completely! If you want to be safe, stop ganesh from entering your lok. Durgamasura is happy and he thanks mata kali for helping him.

Precap: Ganesh comes near durgamasura’s lok. Kartikeya says to adishakti, what if durgamasura does any harm to ganesh? Because he knows of the diya’s light and our plans now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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