Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update – Raja Bhojraj dies punishing himself.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raja Bhojraj cursing himself for breaking his promise of touching Prabhu’s Meera which he had taken in front of Prabhu hence he is liable to be punished he says but Meera tries to explain him he hasn’t done anything wrong but saved her life then too he becomes adamant for punishing himself hence goes inside his room locking it while Meera follows him to stop & he doesn’t.

Ganeshji says this way Raja Bhojraj locked himself for several days punishing him for doing this big mistake & Meera kept herself busy to pray Prabhu for his wellbeing & one day he opened his room but not in good state of health conditions.

Udabai & his friend are trying to handle Raja but he is still feeling repented for mistake done & is trying to go near Meera’s Prabhu all alone & sits near Meera while she asks him why he came out this way or she would had come to him but he says Prabhu wouldn’t had come so he came to him & tells her his time has come to die it seems hence he requests Meera to sing prayers for him & she says she’ll pray to her Prabhu for him & she begins singing prayers in which Prabhu shows himself to Raja who gets blessings from him of eternal death hence finally Raja dies & Meera is shocked. Meera prays Prabhu whom she watches blessing Raja & remembers about his intimation to her of facing her life becoming alone without anybody besides her.

Ganeshji says this way Raja was an blessed husband to Meera who sacrificed his life for her devotion but later on all her brother in laws kept on dying in wars becoming more & more troublesome for Meera’s life & finally only one brother in law was left to take over throne of Chittorgarh whose name was Vikramaditya & will be creating trouble for Meerabai.

Raja Vikramaditya is welcomed along with his wife by Udabai while he punishes one of palace’s guard on his silly mistake & warns everybody to adhere palace’s policies henceforth. Vikramaditya sits on the throne asking where Meerabai is whom he wishes to meet but Meera begins singing prayers in front of her Prabhu wearing a white costume while Vikramaditya becomes angry saying this isn’t suitable for a Rani & leaves to stop her but after watching her singing & Prabhu’s eyes he is stopped with its bright light flashing loosing himself in her prayers. After Meera finishing her prayers Vikramaditya realizes he had lost himself & is about to shout her but his wife stops her explaining him to not to in this condition when she has lost her parent’s as well as her husband & he stops. Meera sees him & welcomes warmly while he taunts her.

Precap: Meera is dancing & singing prayers along with some Brahman’s in front of her Prabhu while Vikramaditya tells Udabai Meera’s prayers has some miracle because when he saw in eyes of Prabhu which stopped him with a bright light flashing for it so the idol has to be taken away & the maid of Udabai picks the idol which Meera doesn’t find in temple wondering where the idol is & her Prabhu is also feeling bad about it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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