Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Durvasa tells gods to perform samudra manthan.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi durvasa looking at the state of the world and the people. Durvasa notices that the gods have not been doing their duties properly, people are dying of thirst, surya dev’s heat has increased, indra dev is not providing proper rains and varun dev is not doing his duty of keeping the oceans and seas and water abundant. Agni dev is not providing fire properly and people die of oxygen as vayu dev has forgotten his duties too. Durvasa gets angry and says how can the gods do this? What are they doing? Why isn’t earth doing well? the people are suffering.

Durvasa decided to find out what the gods are doing. Durvasa starts meditating and with his yog Shakti, he sees in swarg lok and finds the gods in the palace court watching apsaras dance. The gods are enjoying while the world and its people are suffering. Durvasa gets angry as the gods enjoy and watch apsaras dance, he says I shall punish everyone now. durvasa goes to swarg lok.

In swarg lok, he sees the guards of swarg lok also resting and sleeping. durvasa gets angry and uses his powers on swarg lok. The swarg lok tremors and all gods get alerted, they go out of the palace. Indra dev is riding on airaavat, rishi durvasa comes. Indra dev says rishi var what happened? Durvasa is angry and all gods come. Durvasa says you gods have been wasting time here in swarg lok and enjoying here, while the world suffers and people are dying. You gods have become egoistic of your powers and divinity, you have neglected your duties and responsibilities. Indra dev says but rishi we have not neglected them, forgive us if we have done any mistakes. Durvasa says no, I wont forgive anyone, I saw the gods having fun in the palace. Durvasa says I shall curse you all, indra dev you have become egoistic of being the king of the gods, you will lose your vahan airaavat and I curse you all that you lose your godly powers and your divinity. The gods become wretched as they lose their divinity and become weak.

Durvasa goes. All gods ask for forgiveness and go to lord Vishnu for guidance, to seek help. Lord Vishnu explains that rishi durvasa is the form of anger and he curses when he sees wrong, but now only durvasa rishi can help them through this curse. Indra dev and the gods go to rishi durvasa for help, they ask for forgiveness and for him to take back the curse. Rishi durvasa says no curse can be taken back but it can be stopped if you do an important task for the sake of the universe. Durvasa says you gods shall participate in the Samudra Manthan(churning of the ocean) and take the help of the demons. The samudra manthan shall give you back your divinity and what you lost. indra dev and goda agree.

Indra dev asks the help of demons for samudra manthan. Raja bali and his demons agree to help as their only goal is to gain the Amrit and become immortal, and also get half of the precious items and treasures that samudra manthan produces. The samudra manthan starts, mandhrachal mountain is chosen to be used as the churner. Nagraj Vasuki turns himself around the mandhrachal mountain and the gods on one side and demons on one side hold nagraj Vasuki and churn the ocean.

Precap: Ravana tells ganesh the story of samudra manthan and the distribution of the precious items between the gods and the demons.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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