Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Ratnavali helps Tulsidas realize his mistake.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulsidas’s friend Shrikant is accusing him of running away from his actual duty of performing Shri Ram’s Paath while Tulsidas goes to plead Sankat Mochan Hanuman to help him in this situation because he is being blamed of ignoring his duty which his God is aware that how he can ignore performing Shri Ram’s Paath & Shri Hanuman in disguise follows him watching all this he is praying in his temple.

Shrikant reaches Tulsida’s place searching him while Ratnavali informs him giving a note for her Swami Tulsidas that I am leaving with my brother to my father’s place due to his ill health hence to tell him to take care till she returns.

Tulsidas watches Shri Hanuman in disguise in temple but tries leaving from there while Shri Hanuman intimates him to search the solution within himself & vanishes but Tulsidas wonders he was here & suddenly where he went.

Tulsidas meets Shrikant who was waiting for him to give the note while he asks him does he feels to blame him more but Shrikant admits him he did it in wake of anger & handovers the note. Tulsidas after reading the note becomes restless knowing Ratnavali left to her father’s place while he is day dreaming watching her everywhere hence feels she must also be feeling the same & immediately leaves to meet her while Shrikant is trying to stop him but he doesn’t.

Tulsidas faces huge stormy rains then too he is moving becoming restless for Ratnavali as he has to cross a river with a boat to reach Ratnavali’s father’s house but the boat rider also refuses him to come in the stormy rains hence he takes oath that he will meet Ratnavali anyhow & swims through the river but faces trouble so he finds a person thinking him as a huge wood but it was dead body & he holds the same to cross the river. After crossing the river he sees Ratnavali near the window far away from the house & tries to call her but she is unable to hear his voice & she goes inside hence Tulsidas reaches near the house window facing huge storm but unable to climb & tries calling Ratnavali again while she feels the intuition of her Swami calling but again feels she might be dreaming & Tulsidas searches a rope to climb the tree to enter Ratnavali’s window but lifts a dead snake taking help of the same to climb the tree & entering the window while Ratnavali is shocked to see him. She asks him why he came this way & he expresses his feeling of impossibility to stay without her & Ratnavali gets angry on her asking that you spread Sanskrit right & he wonders asking her why hence she explains him in Sanskrit of whatever he is doing to meet her if he would had done something out of that then his Prabhu Shri Ram would had met him & finally he remembers about his earlier incidences he had gone through of learning from his Guru & he had promised about his only motive to achieve Shri Ram & also thinks what Shri Hanuman in disguise had told him which might be the blessings from him itself for sending him to Ratnavali to realize his mistake & Ratnavali also tells him that this might be my motive of coming in your life & Tulsidas tells her that now we have our different roles in each other’s lives hence I have to sacrifice this kind of life for achievement of Shri Ram which is my actual life’s goal while Ratnavali is depressed.

Precap: Ganeshji says the journey began of him in form of Sant Tulsidas & Tulsidas takes oath that his life begins for search of Shri Ram henceforth & he watches his Prabhu Shri Ram in sea water emerging for him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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