Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update – Prabhu haigree informing ganesh of other evils

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the selfish evil is asking ganesh to guide him for his future life so ganesh advises him to forget all his evil deeds happened by you in your last life to lead a very dedicated life of good deeds by spreading sufficed wishes in peoples life to fight selfishness & the selfish evil prays ganesh by accepting his advice.

Kartik is telling ganesh that selfish evil is cleaned but what about other evils that we have not yet thought ie. Mamtasoor & kamasoor by whom the evil powers which will be spread that is still pending to stop Ganesh is saying yes as, if they enter into bhandasoor then it’ll be difficult to stop them so we have to act fast.

Prabhu haigree comes saying kamasoor,  to inform ganesh about kamasoor that he has started his attraction powers

to spread across within all people who are now are fighting between each other for woman attraction. Ganesh is surprised.

The kamasoor evil is spreading his evilness in form of woman in all people including gods too who are getting attracted because of his evil powers. Haigree is telling that indradev was also walking into jungles & saw a woman going inside the hut & stops but there kamasoor sees him & trying to use his plans to clutch indra dev too.

The evil kamasoor is following indra dev to clutch him towards his powers of attraction so he sends his bird flowing on indra dev & indra dev gets clutched. Indra dev becomes evil towards woman & goes near gautam rishi’s hut where he saw the girl. As gautam rishi goes out of his hut then indra dev changes his form in gautam rishi & goes into his hut by doing his evil work with rishi gautam’s wife. As gautam rishi returns back from his work he sees the a duplicate rishi like him coming out of his hut & he had done has all evil crime in the hut. The original rishi asks who are you who has done such a big crime entering my hut. Indra dev is quiet & gautam rishi curses indra dev. The kamasoor evil is seeing this & he makes indra dev clear from his evil poweras he is happy of his job done by him.

Rishi gautam gives curse to indra dev & indra dev understands that he has done a very wrong crime about it & asking of forgiveness. Rishi gautam does not forgive him by his curse but reduces his curse which will be affected in his future life. Indra dev thanks rishi gautam & leaves.

Rishi’s wife is asking for forgiveness as she could not understand who he was. Rishi is thinking & starts leaving but she stops him by saying to not to leave me alone & asking for forgiveness. Rishi is telling her you are also at crime like indra dev as how you could not understand who he was. So he tells her you also have to meditate for years & years now till by touch of mahadev does not make you pure. She cries & says no & rishi throws pure water on her to start her meditation.

Kamasoor is seeing rishi gautam standing doing meditation & is happy also planning for more evil powers to spread. Kamasoor is thinking to attract the rishi also by disturbing his meditation & to make him my husband.

Ganesh is talking with haigree this is becoming very wrong by kamasaoor as he is spreading all his evil powers to create evil behaviours in people of the world not sparing rishi gautam too. Haigree is telling ganesh that he has also clutched ravana by his attraction powers to disturb mata vedvati too & ganesh is saying that mata vedvati also is not spared by kamasoor who was meditating for prabhu Narayan since so many years to achieve him as her swami. Yes replies prabhu haigree. Kartik & ganesh are shocked.


Precap : Ganesh takes a new turn in new avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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