Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Narkasoor achieves boon from Prabhu Narayan.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Narkasoor’s mother Bhudevi explains him the true value of life to bring him on right path as he was losing control on his behavior moving towards evil path hence he realizes his mistake & pleads his mother for forgiveness & requests her to always be besides him to guard & she advises him to begin meditation of Prabhu Shri Narayan.

Ganeshji asks Brahmadev did Narkasoor do what his mother advised him & he tells him next morning he began meditation for years & years.

Narkasoor began meditation of Prabhu Narayan while his mother also felt delighted about Narkasoor & praying to Prabhu because of his blessings with their son which has brought him on right path dedicating for Prabhu’s meditation.

Prabhu Narayan also got deep feelings of Narkasoor’s pure meditation towards him by receiving flowers on his feet while Devi Laxmi intimates Prabhu that Narkasoor seems devoted to him purely.

Narkasoor is performing meditation for long long years while his old friends come besides him to disturb his meditation but he isn’t affected by them. Prabhu Narayan emerges to praise Narkasoor whom he asks his wish & Narkasoor says he needs a kingdom to rule & also his life should end with eternal blessings & Prabhu falls in confusion hence Narkasoor asks him was his demand big or is he not capable to wish this from his father & Prabhu advises him to do meditation for Mata Kamyaksha in her temple on end of the river.

Bhudevi praises Prabhu Narayan for helping his son Narkasoor to come on the right path but he intimates her that he should only perform his duties prominently in his life & not to divert his attention towards evil path which should be looked after by her & leaves while Bhudevi falls in confusion why he said this way?

Narkasoor started doing meditation for Mata Kamakshya in her temple due to which a kingdom was developed along with a huge palace but he falls in pain in Mata’s meditation hence Mata makes him fresh telling he has achieved whatever he wished hence to look after the kingdom of Jyotishpur but explaining him to perform his duties prominently helping poor, not misbehaving with women & guarding children’s also & he promises Mata accordingly praising her. Narkasoor meets his mother Bhudevi to inform her about Prabhu who booned him his wish & she too praises him but explains to perform his life’s duties prominently.

Brahmadev says to Ganeshji that Narkasoor achieved his wish but later on became evil due to his old friend Banasoor who encouraged him into evil behavior. Banasoor is supported by other two friends who also behave evil in their life.

Bhudevi gives blessings to Narkasoor who holds the kingdom of Jyotishpur.

Precap: Ganeshji says now he only has to save Gods from Narkasoor while Narkasoor is enjoying in his palace. Mata Kamyaksha tells Ganesh that she’ll show him the right way to tackle Narkasoor.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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