Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Bhanugopan is killed in the war.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh, kartik & all watching soorasahi telling bhanugopan that this yagna of mine is to make alive all our aoor army again so to keep fighting this battle till time I complete this yagna. Soorapadman’s wife is explaining him to stop this war or all will die ultimately but he refuses saying I have all the faith in my mother’s yagna.
Ganesh says like mother son is also adamant while soorapadman’s wife is again trying to explain him but he again says that my mother soorasahi will do all those things to win this war as she is going to make all our sons alive again with this yagna.
Kartik is wondering saying how soorasahi can do this to make alive all of them again.
Soorapadman’s wife is telling his brother to explain soorapadman to stop this war but soorapadman says he too is waiting for his son to become alive with this yagna so he won’t try explaining me or go against mother wishes too.
Bhanugopan comes in battlefield while soorapadman’s brother too takes oath to fight in this war & he too goes in battlefield. Gods come ahead to shoot their arrows towards bhanugopan but he saves himself & shouts saying nothing can happen to me by your weapons. Bhanugopan makes himself in various images while gods & veerbhau are surprised with his images. Bhanugopan is again & again challenging gods while soorapadman’s wife is feeling some trouble might happen watching crows coming again. Kartik is watching soorapadman’s images & also soorapadman’s brother too creating trouble towards gods.
Devsena is praising the woman arranging flowers & materials so nicely & gets surprised. The woman asks her is everything perfectly arranged while I’ll go & do some other work while devsena thinks how can she do anything to me or did I pretended this woman in the mirror.
Bhanugopan is laughing to instigate kartik & all so kartik tells ganesh I’ll handle him while you be behind & kartik creates his form brightening in power to attack bhanugopan while gods & goddesses are praising kartik’s form & also ganesh too chants praising kartik & bhanugopan challenges saying no such form will do anything to me & ganesh says he has challenged the ultimate form of god in kartik so he has to get killed now while veerbhau also is shouting saying that he is challenging kartik so strongly that he is inviting his death now. Kartik uses his powers to overcome all bhanugopan’s created images while soorapadman’s brother too thinks how to face kartik in his such a great form. Bhanugopan is fallen down by powers of kartik & also soorapadman’s brother too & veerbhau & brothers go to catch both of them while soorapadman is watching all this shockingly.
Kartik comes to give advice to bhanugopan saying if you bend & accept to take good path in life then this is your last chance so he & his brother bends down while the veerbhau army moves back but in fit of rage they both again get up shouting arrogantly & challenging that you can’t do anything to me as he gets some powers through soorasahi. Kartik feels these asoors have no manners so have to be punished ultimately while ganesh too says these asoors are never to be believed so veerbhau goes to attack bhanugopan throwing his weapons as he is moving towards kartik to attack but veerbhau’s weapons does not harm him & he is challenging veerbhau again & again but in vain so kartik uses his powers to sustain bhanugopan’s powers & veerbhau jumps & kills him instantly while kartik too uses his weapons towards soorapadman’s brother cutting his neck instantly & killing him too. Soorapadman is shocked while soorasahi also becomes restless understanding this.
Devsena is performing Pooja of kartik while the woman is helping her with Pooja materials.
Soorasahi uses her powers to make soorapadman’s brother alive with huge powers & he becomes huge in form surprising kartik & ganesh. Kartik’s attacking weapons are helpless to do anything to that huge giant form of soorapadman’s brother so ganesh advises saying now kartik has to take form of senapati through help of devsena & kartik understands this.

Precap: Kartik says thinking now without you devsena I am nothing so I have to take your help to end this war while devsena watches herself with kartik in mirror & is very delighted.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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