Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Parvati takes avatar of devi gauri.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya telling the story of mata gauri. In flashback, ganesh and kartikeya go to the forest and they see parvati praying to brahmadev. Kartikeya says so mother knows what she has to do. Ganesh says yes brother, this is necessary because mother was so keen in her family that she forgot who she actually was, she is the mother of this universe and has to take care of everyone but she forgot her duties, which is why the avatar of devi gauri is required for the entire world. That is why uncle brahmadev went to father and asked him to do all this and insult mother, so that she would be provoked to pray and bring out her divya avatar of mata gauri. Kartikeya says I understand ganesh.
Parvati sits and continues praying harshly for days. Brahmadev sees as parvati prays to him. kartikeya says it has been days mother is praying, why isn’t uncle giving her darshan? Ganesh says he must be testing her. Mahadev watches parvati.
Saraswati says swami brahmadev, why aren’t you giving darshan? Brahmadev says it is not yet time. Parvati continues praying for days and her prayers brings her fierce avatar, a lion appears to help parvati as she sits on the hard ground. The lion comes in place and puts himself under parvati so that she sits on him. parvati sits and continues praying. Ganesh and kartikeya then say, by now uncle should have given mother her boon. Kartikeya says we should go to him. ganesh and kartikeya go to brahmadev. Ganesh says uncle brahmadev, it is time now, you have to go and bless mother with a boon she wishes. Brahmadev says ganesh, you are pratham pujya and now you have told me, then I have to go because even I know devi parvati has earned her boon. Brahma dev goes.
Parvati opens her eyes and brahma dev gives her darshan and he says devi parvati why did you pray to me? parvati says brahma dev, I know you made mahadev insult me, but I also know it is necessary. Parvati says I now realize that I was so keen in thinking about my family that I forgot who I was and what my duty to the universe is, I forgot about my other children because I am the mother of all. But brahma dev because of you I meditated and prayed to you for a boon so that I could bring my divya avatar of devi gauri, I thank you for doing this. brahma dev says you are para brahma swaroop, devi parvati, each avatar of yours stands an importance and so shall devi gauri. Brahma dev blesses parvati with her boon for her divya avatar. Devi parvati takes her white divya avatar of devi gauri that sits on the divya cow Somnandi ji! Devi gauri says we shall go back to kailash now somnandi ji but also the lion, you shall come with me too for the way you have helped me and shall be one of my animals. The lion accompanies parvati.
Ganesh and kartikeya go back to kailash and ganesh says we have to prepare for the welcome of mother in her divya avatar. Everyone start decorating kailash. Ganesh puts the rangoli while kartikeya lays down the red rose petals. Nandi and all gan help. Ganesh then puts colors in the sky for mother’s welcome.
Parvati flies on somnandi ji with the lion, she tells them to land at kailash as she wants to walk inside the palace door herself and not fly. Somnandi lands and goes. mata gauri walks with the lion. Mahadev comes with ganesh and kartikeya and he looks at the lion, he says wait parvati you cannot enter te palace.
Raja devodas says why did mahadev not allow mata to enter the palace?

Precap: Mahadev tells devi gauri about the gods being egoistic of their victory over demons. Devi gauri goes to teach the gods a lesson.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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