Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Gods break their spell ties.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shumbh and his demons standing near the door of the temple. Devi sachi goes inside the temple room and stands in front of all devi’s and says don’t worry, nothing will happen to us, mata parvati will protect us. Shumbh laughs and says my soldiers go and drag those devi’s here, bring them to me. the soldiers run towards the temple room.
There indra dev and all gods pray to mata mahashakti and close their eyes.
The devi’s stand in the temple room and soldiers are running towards the room. Devi sachi smiles and says nothing can happen to us, the doors of the room start closing. Shumbh says soldiers be quick, the doors are closing, be fast. As the soldiers are running, the doors of the temple close. Soldiers come and bang the doors. Shumbh is angry and says

who did this? Break the doors open soldiers! The soldiers start banging the doors and attacking it with their weapons. The other devi’s say, mata mahashakti, protect us from these evil demons. The doors break open and soldiers laugh and say where will you go now deviyo? You cannot escape from us anywhere now. Shumbh laughs and says bring them here.
Suddenly mata parvati’s statue tremors, the pearls from her statue fall down one by one. Devi sachi sees and says this is our mata’s leela, she will protect us. The pearls come ahead and their size turns very huge, the pearls roll over the soldiers crushing them and killing them, the soldiers scream in pain. Shumbh laughs and says to his demons, it must be the sound of our soldiers bringing the devi’s to me. suddenly chund and mund see the pearls coming towards them and says king shumbh, look at that, what maya is this? Shumbh gets angry and says his is sachi’s maya. The huge pearls come slowly forward. Chund and mund use their powers to stop the pearls. Shumbh says sachi come to me otherwise I will drag you all with me. devi sachi says you demon, you are taking our names like this but remember you are going to be punished severely for your sins. The pearls roll ahead, dhumralochan says I will help you and he uses his powers and says I will convert these pearls into demons. Dhumralochan uses his powers but fails, raktbeej thinks I have to stop these pearls using my powers otherwise they will come over us. Raktbeeja uses his powers as well but fails. Nishumbh uses his powers and everyone try to stop together, nishumbh says brother shumbh you get behind. The pearls start coming ahead and shumbh says you all stop, I will stop these pearls. Shumbh uses his powers.
There indra dev wakes up all gods and says dev gan, shumbh is using his powers, it is better to break our bonds now because these bonds have become weak. Gods say yes and everyone try together and put their powers, they break out of the spells and come on ground. Indra dev says we should go and check if our wives are safe, the gods go quickly and come out of other way to the temple room. Devi sachi sees the gods and thinks swami you are safe! She smiles. Indra dev says the devi are safe, mata mahashakti has used her powers to protect them, she has heard our prayers. Parvati smiles. The devi’s suddenly disappear. Suryadev says the devi’s have gone, they are safe with mata parvati, now devraj we should go from here. Indra dev says but leave the goddesses like that? suryadev says devraj, mata parvati has taken them, they are safe, we should leave too. indra dev says okay and all gods leave and start running away from swarg lok. The pearls become small and go back on parvati’s statue. Shumbh says the goddesses have escaped, I will not leave anyone, I will go and drag all of them here. Shumbh then says even the gods took advantage and escaped, they shall be brought back here now.
The gods are running and suddenly the demons start following them. Indra dev sees behind and says be quick everyone, the demons are following us. Suryadev, agni dev and varun dev run ahead faster. Indra dev and vayu dev are left behind running slowly. Indra dev says be faster vayudev, as they run suddenly shumbh comes from behind running and says I will catch these gods. Shumbh comes running with vayu dev and indra dev and laughs, he then runs faster ahead and stops indra dev and vayu dev. All demons surround them. Ganesh sees this and says brother, indra dev and vayu dev have been trapped, I have to go, we have to do something.

Precap: ganesh takes vinayaki avatar and he and all goddesses with the army go to battle against the demons and their army.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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