Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya saves the gods.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kuber peeping into the well and he says no I cannot see anything down there or any exit as well. Suddenly the old woman comes behind kuber and seems to be a witch, kuber is scared and the witch pushes kuber in the well as he screams going down. The witch gets back to crushing the herbs as she laughs.
Kartikeya is finding the gods and he sees the picture again and says there is nothing here but this picture but how could indra dev, kuber and vayu dev may have gone inside this picture? Maybe I have to fins somewhere else. Kartikeya is going back when suddenly mata skand appears and kartikeya says mother? He does pranam. skand mata says kartikeya, focus on your aim, it is to save the gods right now so think and look everywhere, but also remember that maha ganpati

ji said that everything is not what it seems like here and maybe what you are thinking is also right, so follow what your instincts say and there you will find your answer. Skand mata smiles and goes. Kartikeya says mother is right, I have to follow my instincts. Kartikeya looks again at the picture and says maybe, I think this is where the secret lies, the gods are trapped inside here and that is why I couldn’t see them before. Kartikeya jumps inside the picture and looks around and says, I was right, this picture is where the gods are trapped, I have to go and save them.
Indra dev hides from the flying demon and then he goes near the tree. indra dev says now I have to find vayu dev and kuber ji, we have to regroup and find a way to get out of this picture. Indra dev goes ahead but falls down from a hole into another place where the witch is crushing the herbs. Indra dev gets up and thinks maybe this old woman can help me get out of here, he goes and asks her and the witch shows the same well and says it is the exit from this place. Indra dev leans to look inside and is pushed by the witch.
In the same way, vayu dev falls inside the place and seeks help from the witch, she pushes vayu dev into the well too. The gods meet each other and kuber says devraj, that old woman was no one but a witch. Vayu dev says yes, we were fools to be trapped in her trick because in shauryapur everything belongs to tarkasura, how could we forget that? how did we think someone here will help us? indra dev says now kartikeya has to help us, he must be outside of this picture safe while we are here trapped.
Kartikeya is confronted by a flying demon. The demon says you are inside the picture and the master of this picture is maharaj tarkasura, so whoever comes here is bound to die from our hands and you will die. Kartikeya dodges as the demon attacks, kartikeya takes a sword and jumps and throws the demon down and asks him where the gods are, the demon tells the way and kartikeya kills the demon.
Kartikeya enters the hole and he comes to the same old woman. Kartikeya then thinks, this woman is sitting here crushing herbs, maybe she can help me. kartikeya comes to the old woman and says have you seen my friends? I need to find them. The woman says yes I have, I showed them the exit from here. kartikeya thinks I am in shauryapur and no one helps here, how is this old woman sitting here all alone without a house? She maybe someone else, I cannot come in her trap. Kartikeya says okay show me, the witch shows the well and kartikeya understands the trap. Kartikeya says let me see, as he goes near the witch tries to push him but kartikeya holds her from behind and throws her down and says I knew you may have done something to the gods, they are inside here. kartikeya hits the witch and throws her away. Kartikeya then calls for the gods inside the well and they scream for help. Kartikeya throws a long vine in the well and pulls the gods out. Kartikeya saves the gods and takes them outside the place and then outside the picture.
Tarkasura says they took away this trick as well, but I have another offer for kartikeya.

Precap: Tarkasura offers kartikeya to play a game and if kartikeya defeats tarkasura then he shall give him the sword he came to find.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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