Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update – Narkasoor is killed by Shri Krishna & Devi Satyabhama.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Narkasoor jokingly asks Shri Krishna is this a foolish trick trying to use in front of a great warrior like him but he tells him this is just a signal for him but he says first try to face his great senapati Mura who won’t keep him alive in front of him & orders Mura to attack.

Mura shouts to Shri Krishna saying he won’t allow him to stay alive in front of him & picks huge stone throwing towards Shri Krishna but Shri Krishna destroys with his arrow & Mura says he’ll face more of this then Shri Krishna says to him as his wife is his half power hence she’ll attack him but he says when he can’t then is he taking support of his wife but Satyabhama shoots sword which cuts off his head then too his head returns again to his body & Shri Ganesh watching this wonders what kind of powers he must be having hence prays Brahmadev who informs him he has five head but can only be destroyed with five flower arrows blessed by Mata.

Mura is using his entire powers lifting huge stones to throw towards Shri Krishna but Shri Ganesh feels he has to do something & brings those flower arrows in existence attaching it to that huge stone which could be thrown by Mura & Shri Ganesh intimates Shri Krishna who is about to shoot arrow but stops & Satyabhama asks him what happened & he tells her five flower arrows which can destroy his five heads & the stone thrown by Mura is destroyed & the arrows reach to Shri Krishna. Narkasoor wonders what this weapon is while Shri Krishna shoots all those arrows & Mura’s all heads are cut off killing him instantly but his daughter becomes wild from a den who understands her father being killed.

All Gods & army praise Shri Krishna while Shri Ganesh says this day will be also be known as Krishna Murari’s day & all are praising taking name of Krishna Murari.

Narkasoor shouts saying everybody to keep their powers safe while Mura’s daughter emerges from the den holding a huge stone shouting she won’t spare whoever has killed her father Mura & Narkasoor says she is Mura’s daughter whom nobody can face. Satyabhama tells Shri Krishna she’ll handle her but he says her time hasn’t come yet & he gets down from the Rath to face Mura’s daughter & she in her furious state is about to put her leg on Shri Krishna but Mata Kamyaksha emerges stopping & explaining her about evil deeds of her father & also she is gifted girl due to same God who she is about to put leg on & Shri Krishna emerges in his Narayan form by which she bends down on her knees pleading Prabhu Narayan. Narkasoor shouts her saying she is a fool who is bending for such tricky Gods but she warns him he can also be killed if he doesn’t plead because due to him her father is killed & leaves from there.

Narkasoor shouts saying if at all he is alone he’ll fight on his own but won’t bend because he is a great warrior & he shoots his weapons but is unable to use hence prays Mata Kamyaksha she can’t squeeze his powers which he achieved with pure meditation but Mata tells him it wasn’t for evil using hence he is powerless now & Shri Krishna also warns him to accept his defeat & surrender but he in his ego doesn’t bend while his mother Bhudevi prays Prabhu to release him from this evil deeds. Narkasoor again shouts & pulls his Rath top shooting it towards Shri Krishna & Satyabhama & they both use their weapons attacking towards him resulting he is beheaded & his head falls in feet of his mother who cries for him but he says this was written in his destiny of death by hands of his father.

All of them praise Shri Krishna & Devi Satybhama while he declares this day which will be known as Narak chaturdashi which will bless people who’ll perform Abhyang bath before sunrise & will be freed from all evil deeds of their life. All those women’s plead Shri Krishna asking who’ll marry them now due to Narkasoor’s evil act with them & he assures them he’ll take them to Dwarka giving them status of his Rani & Satyabhama also agrees with him.

Shri Krishna says now it’s time for Shri Gaensh’s marriage to take place & he says it seems he is intuiting him some more trouble emerging & a devotee is meditating of his name sitting on a stone.

Precap: Shri Ganesh along with all Gods & Goddesses are walking towards Kailash while some intuition makes him leave from there. A devotee wishes from Shri Ganesh his father should also be among Trilok’s & Shri Ganesh fulfils his wish. Mushak intimates Shri Ganesh he feels some trouble arriving while that devotee emerges in his huge form in front of Shri Ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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