Vidya 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Avtaar meets Nanku’s family

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Vidya 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidya telling everything to Avtaar and family. She says Vivek wants me to inform about Nanku singh. Vivek informs his senior about Vidya. He says she is educated, she is an English teacher, she is sincere and honest, we can trust her. A man comes to salute him. Vivek asks him not to do this publicly. Avtaar says we can’t fight Nanku and can’t help Vivek, Vidya should just go to school and teach, if Vivek knows the truth, we all will go to jail, I shall leave now.

Vivek comes to meet Vidya. He sees Vidya. Avtaar sees Nanku’s family and asks what’s the problem. Dadi says our car broke down. He says I will drop you home. Nanku’s wife Kalindi says we shall go on our own. He says I m the minister, its my duty to take care of you all, come with me. Avtaar asks where do

you want to go. Dadi says Nanku Singh’s house, I m his mum and Kalindi is his wife. They leave with Avtaar.

Vivek sees Vidya awake. He goes to her. She screams. He asks her not to scream and listen to him. She asks him why did he come here, it will be big problem if anyone sees us. He asks her what did Avtaar and DM talk that time, I was there, its imp to know this, DM Sharma is missing, I doubt Nanku is behind this, just tell me what happened there, this is the only way to find about Nanku. She thinks of Avtaar’s words. Dharma wakes up. He sees some shadow inside. He asks who is inside. Vidya gets shocked. Dharma shouts thief. He goes to call the neighbors. The neighbors come and ask what happened. Dharma says thief is inside. Vivek shuts the door. He tries to run from window.

He sees people coming and shuts the window. Dharma asks Vidya and Amma to open the door. Amma opens the door. She asks what happened. Dharma says there is a thief inside. Dharma asks Vidya is there any thief inside. Vidya says I told you, if anyone sees me with you, the problems will increase for me, what to do now. Vivek asks her to open the door, nothing will happen. Vivek runs and hides. Vidya opens the door. Everyone gets in. Vidya falls. Vivek holds her. Bablu and Dharma ask Vidya has any thief come here. Vivek comes from outside. He asks her to say why wasn’t she opening the door. Dharma thinks of Avtaar’s words. Lights come. Bablu asks when did you come. Dharma says we didn’t know when did you come. Vivek asks really. Dharma says I won’t lie in old age, I was going and singing, I heard thief thief and came here. Bablu asks why didn’t I see you. Vivek jokes.

He asks Vidya did anyone come inside, she looks tensed. Vidya signs no. Vivek says how can anyone come when door and window are closed. The man says thief had removed the fuse, I fixed it. Vivek says maybe he ran away. He says we will meet tomorrow and goes. Avtaar drops Dadi and Kalindi. He says I will leave now. Dadi asks him to have food and go. Avtaar says maybe next time. Nanku comes home. He greets Avtaar. He says I went to your house to meet you, DM Sharma went to your house last time, he went missing. Avtaar recalls Nanku killing DM. Nanku says Sharma ji went to your house, I thought to ask you, how did you come here. Kalindi says our car broke down, he came to drop us. Nanku says thanks a lot. Avtaar says I shall go. Nanku asks why did DM come. Avtaar says he came to have tea, Vidya had come and then he left, its a matter of concern that he is missing. Nanku saays yes, why did Vidya come. Avtaar says she came to inform me about puja. He leaves. Dadi says he is a nice guy, shall we talk to him about Ranjana. Nanku smiles.

Its morning, Vidya prays and thinks to study before teaching kids. She sits studying. Amma smiles. Amma and Vidya go shopping. Vivek sees Vidya. She goes. He thinks she is hiding something from me.

Vivek says why did you steal money if you didn’t have good intentions, will you steal next year also, I will get proof against Nanku, I won’t ask help from you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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