Vidrohi 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha and Baxi’s argument

Vidrohi 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagabandhu liking the Malpua. He eats it and says its not like you make, it lacks the taste of your handmade sweets, who made it. Radha asks how is it. He says its okay. Kalyani goes. He asks what happened to her. Radha says her heart got hurt. He asks what, I didn’t tell her anything. Radha says she had made the sweets, you should go and say a few words to praise her efforts. He says okay and goes. Radha says I hope I m thinking wrong. Jagabandhu goes and apologizes to Kalyani. He appreciates her efforts. She says I made such efforts for the first time, I never cooked anything for my dad and Mohan thinking they won’t like it, I was so happy to make the Malpua, you don’t think before speaking. Radha comes. Jagabandhu says I know you felt bad. Kalyani says yes, I felt bad, don’t false praise, it hurts more. Radha goes.

She says mum always told me about this, why did I see this before, Kalyani started feeling for Baxi, when she is married to someone else, she is getting close to Baxi, its wrong, this shouldn’t happen. Jagabandhu comes and asks is everything fine. She says I think Kalyani should go back to Badamba and try to keep her marriage, I have written this letter for her dad, sent it to her dad as soon as possible. He says no, I promised him that I will take care of his daughter. She asks till when. He asks what are you saying, you were defending her in the morning. She says I m still doing the same, its against the society rules to shelter a married woman, she should go back to her dad or her husband. He asks what’s the matter, did you feel bad of her words. She says you mean, whatever I m saying isn’t imp.

He asks what happened to you. She says nothing, I feel I have no right to decide anything in this house, I m saying what I m feeling, you aren’t agreeing to me. He asks why don’t you want to respect my promise, what happened that you want to send Kalyani away. She says I don’t want to talk anything. He asks are you doing this because of my mistake, if you want to send her away, then it means you don’t trust me. She says you are thinking wrong, I don’t have to say anything, you have to decide now, you have the letter in your hand. He says Kalyani won’t go anywhere. Its morning, Kalyani makes some flowers garlands and gets happy. Radha gives aarti to Jagabandhu. Kalyani finds him upset. Kalyani gives the flower strings to Radha and says I have made this for Radha, its my Guru dakshina, Radha taught me to make Malpua. She asks Radha to wear it. Radha says I will wear later. Maa asks Kalyani to make Radha wear the flowers. Kalyani fixes the flowers. Maa says you look so beautiful, right. Jagabandhu nods and smiles.

Kalyani thinks why do they look upset. Radha removes the flowers. Jagabandhu comes and sees her. She gives a letter stamp. He picks it and goes. Kalyani comes to Radha and asks why did you remove it. Radha says I have a headache. Kalyani asks shall I massage your head. Radha says no, I had the medicines, it will be fine. Kalyani asks did you had any argument with Baxi, why are you angry on me. Radha says let me rest. Kalyani thinks what happened. Radha asks her to take the gajra, else her head will ache more. Kalyani takes it. She goes. Maa sees Kalyani and asks what happened. Kalyani says Radha said she has a headache with the rose smell, so I asked me to take this away. Kalyani goes. Maa thinks. Kalyani thinks Jagabandhu should worry for Radha. She goes to ask Jagabandhu about Radha. He says nothing. She asks him again. She takes the stamp. She asks him to go and take care of Radha. She asks him to apologizes to Radha. He asks do you know what happened between us, return the stamp, you don’t need to know everything. She asks what did I say, its not wrong, Radha and you are venting anger on me, it will be your mistake. She goes. He thinks I can’t send you away to calm Radha’s anger, I have promised to protect your respect.

Kalyani says I read the letter, tell me if you want me to go. Radha says I m afraid to lose much because of you.

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