His Venture : Slot 4

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Recap: UV getting to know dat kunj was kidnapped after he found kunjs cell in latters penthouse which was unusual of kunj as he always carried it, while twinjs sacarstic conversation continues while twinkle wants to know what he is hidding

Slot 4 :

Twinkles POV :

I was literally bored to hell to keep a watch on him, and lyk a lunatic he sat their playing with he’s fingers
Well if u see a normal teenager doing d same u wud have concluded saying he’s shy, but this fellow doesnt fit into any such categories..
Dusty Mind , Haphazardly written all over he’s face

He looked up ,ryt into my eyes, he didn’t care to break the eyelock, and neither did I

I’m still not able to comprehend what this guy is made up of? DUSTY brain
What can a person gain my pushing others into hell?? Creepy homo sapein
Total rusty junk!!

‘Don’t indulge urself into assuming things’
He’s voiced boomed into my ear drums,
Can’t he keep he’s mouth shut??
I thought for a moment and turned towards him

“Oh, u seem to be assuming that by urself” I looked back into he’s deep eyes,, What a mask!!

“I have far better things to do than ‘assuming’ ” he air quoted

“Seems like ur rational mind is still alive”,I mocked

“Ya even I wonder, that’s my speciality, even after staying with rusty minds for a bit more than couple of days, I still have rationality” he chuckled

End of POV

“U sound reasonable…time to up my medication” twinkle smirked

@ Mumbai ,,,UVs house

“Ohk , I get that I vl soon find it” UV spoke on the line and ended he’s call

Talking with the most IMPORTANT ppl wasn’t helping him either…
He had very less tym…He cudnt afford to stay at home all day n think to where kunj has been taken to
Tym was ticking and he very well knew the aftermath consequences, if he cudnt find kunjs location at the earliest..

The dizzy noise of the ceiling fan nor the fresh coffee filling he’s nostrils with caffeine wasn’t helping him in any ways to get any possible conclusions

“Why wud anyone kidnap him?” Thought UV sipping he’s morning coffee
It wasn’t any teenage prank, but how serious was the threat? He’s rational mind was dropping its effect as the coffee cleared he’s throat along with he’s overloaded mind

‘Is it anyone from the previous cases??possible’ thought UV

Even though it seemed to be the possible reason, he’s gut didn’t agree completely… He’s mind n brain wasn’t thinking same ….

“Look Mr Sarna I wudnt keep u here entertaining ur worthless talks and injecting u all the times, and trust me its no fun to me, Im no where interested in talking care of one more soul, so answer us at ur earliest ” twinkle spoke camly, for the first tym lowering her guards

“Well Ms Taneja for the first tym we seem to agree on something” kunj answered in he’s usual tone

“OK, gng by ur words, here’s how simple the question is – where is the disk?” Twinkle asked with some sort of authority with which she always dealt , trying hard to remain polite although

“What disk?” kunj questioned furrowing he’s eyebrows

“I’m trying to be polite kunj , answer us and ur free” she said trying to control the rage building inside her

“What’s the guarantee that I vl b let off safely once u get ur answeres?” Kunj introgated sensing her desperation

“We’ll I sure you that, if u answers us promisingly for all that we ask” twinkle chose her words carefully

“Who are you?” kunj asked gazing her

Oh..this was the last question I thought he wud ask me, thought twinkle breaking into half smile

“I’m lady @ job” she answered

Kunj grinned and soon he’s face turned impassive, rigid
“I thought so” he replied

What do he mean by that??, Creepy mind, Who cares.. , thought twinkle

“So if ur satisfied with my reply, can we work on the job at hand?” She asked turning back into a rigid lady, matching up to her position

“Ya sure” kunj answered with he’s usual aura around him

“Where’s the disk?” She questioned

“Where are we?” Kunj questioned back

Twinkle was pissed by he’s behavior, not that she hasn’t expected this from him, but she had no time nor interest in prolonging the discussion

“This is no joke! ” she said

” u have kidnapped me, and practically locked me up here in this out of the place room with no windows and my cell phone is taken away n ur expecting me to answer ur disgusting questions” kunj complained slightly raising he’s voice

“Don’t tell me ur surprised” twinkle said sarcastically ,her lips queering into half smile

“Well with you involved what better would have I asked for” kunj faced her

“U seem to know me ” twinkle answered uninterested

“Well u see, u have the most depressing personality” kunj smiled humorously

Kunj snapped he’s head to look at the door which jz made a characteristic sound letting know that someone has arrived to join the party
So much of irony ryt?

“Oh Lucy , how good of u to join us” kunj grinned at her

“Urnt some one whom my personality wud welcome heartily to have a chat Mr Sarna” he smirked

“This proves ur truly her subordinate” kunj said pointing towards twinkle

“She has learnt her lesson well twinkle ,keep it up” kunj added facing twinkle

“How good of u to notice n appreciate me”twinkle smiled widely, a fake one

“I’m already visualizing a dust tape over ur mouth” twinkle added and left the room

“Oh I’m sorry! Was I meant to be offended?
But ryt now what was offending me was her presence” kunj said pointed towards the door ,which jz witnessed the exit of twinkle

“And now that feeling shifts to u” added kunj shifting he’s index finger from the direction of door to Lucy

“Well Mr sarna, play ur games, u are the one at the receiving end” she said b4 walking away

“I care the least” kunj muttered under he’s breath

Kunjs POV :

I don’t at all trust u twinkle, u won’t get ur answers anyway, and by hook or crook I vl prove u worthless yet again…and this tym don’t forget its u who got urself into this instigating me…
I vl move out of ur so called den( looking at the room) alive….
Disc?? My foot

Precap: UVs move

So is kunj criminal? Does he possess the disc? And moreover which disc? And whats twinkles profession? What’s UV s profession?

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    1. Maggi

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