Veera 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev seeing Geet and apologizing to her. He says I thought… what are you doing here. She says I got tea for you. He asks where is Veera, why did she not get tea. She says she is busy. He says fine, you can go. Gunjan sits sad and recalls Ratan’s words about Ranvi’s desire of a child. She thinks she can’t give him a child, which is his biggest dream to have a small family. She says when he knows I can’t give him a child, he will be very broken. I know he will not be annoyed with me, but I know he will never be happy, I will be reason for his pain, why is Lord punishing me.

Ratan says its good news, I will start my work and thanks someone on call. Chai ji asks whats the good news. Ratan says Savita spoke to private company for taking funds to make school. Chai ji gets glad. Ratan says I was thinking to add Veera’s name in school board, she will be happy. Chai ji says I m sure, she will make school run well by her smartness. Veera comes to Baldev and sees the clothes messed up. She scolds him and says he is not a kid now, and became sarpanch. He asks will she shout on him and fight, and goes close to her. He says she did not get tea for him. They start arguing and she says he has to be with him, else people will say his wife does not obey him.

She gets Ratan’s call and says its good news, fine school work is going ahead, I will come and help. Baldev smiles and says you said I will not do anything, my mall is started and your school is still finding land, you lost and I won, accept this. She leaves. Balwant talks to Deepu and Veera smiles. Deepu tells about Ranvi and they laugh. Deepu says Ratan made laddoo for her. Manjeet asks her to have food. Balwant says let her talk, she is so sweet.

Deepu asks Veera to sit along and dine. Veera sits with her and smiles. Deepu asks her to make her eat. Veera feeds her. Baldev asks did she see pind, come with me, I will show you pind in my open jeep. Deepu says no, I have to go to Ranvi and play, he will teach me playing guitar. Bansuri asks her to go with Baldev. Deepu asks does he knows singing. Baldev says no. Deepu says then I will meet Ranvi, he sings well. Manjeet scolds her and asks her to go with Baldev. Balwant taunts Baldev and asks Deepu to go with Veera and meet Ranvi. Deepu gets glad.

Gunjan hears Ranvi playing with Deepu and all the family members having a laugh with her. She gets angry seeing Ranvi hugging Deepu and loving her. Ratan says Deepu is Veera’s childhood. Veera says Ranvi wins kid’s heart easily. Chai ji says he will keep his children like prince and princess. Veera says yes, I can’t wait to become Bua. Gunjan angrily reacts and asks whats Deepu doing here. Ranvi says she came to play. Gunjan asks does he not have any work, and scolds Deepu. Veera asks what happened.

Deepu gets scared and hugs Veera. Ranvi asks is she fine, she is just a little girl, why is she reacting like this. Gunjan cries and Veera says she is your relative, why are you angry on her. Gunjan says no, I m not fine. Ranvi worries. Gunjan says nothing, I did not get enough sleep and got irritated. She apologizes to Ranvi. He says its fine, you go and take rest. Ratan says we will do the work, take rest. Gunjan goes. Veera feels Gunjan is hiding something.

Gunjan comes to room and thinks she has to control her anger. Veera comes and asks her is she hiding anything. Gunjan says no, I get angry as I m not well, nothing else. Veera asks is there anything that is worrying her, she can share with her. Gunjan tells what doctor said, to rest well and her stress increased, this has affected on her body. Veera asks her to take care and not worry. She says if she is unable to tell Ranvi, you can tell me, I m your friend. Gunjan holds her hand and nods. Veera says I will go now, take care. Gunjan thinks Veera can’t hide it from Ranvi if I tell her, and his happiness will end, she has to be careful and hide this. She thinks whose advice to take.

Manjeet asks Geet to marry Baldev and think about Deepu and her future. She hurts Geet and she cries. Gunjan hears this and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. where did they get this manjeet from.she is so mean

  2. Nice episode.

  3. Gunjan is making the same mistake of hiding things from Ranvee. He tells her not to hide anything but she hid about her gambling habit, her pregnancy and her wish to abort the child and now that she cannot conceive. She is a liar and a cheat, not fit to be his wife. And how come this pind ki choree has become so westernized in her dressing? She is not at all Indian in her dressing just because she went and stayed in Bombay for a few days ….. can we believe this transformation? People born and brought up in Bombay are not so westernized. Hate the liar.

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