Veera 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Veera 6th January 2014 Written Update

Biji becomes very happy and tells the news of ranveer marriage to chaiji and veera. Veera ask about ranveer and biji says that i think he is in farm land. first time ranveer think about himself, i will search girl for ranveer in all punjab. Baldev comes to meet ranveer and says, i want to talk with you, but not here. Veera comes and shows phone to baldev. baldev says sorry to ranveer. ranveer says, but for what matter. Baldev says, only forgive me. Veera comes and hug him and tell everybody about marriage.
Ratan calls everybody for photos of girl.
Surjit singh calls baldev and says, let your body be cooled. baldev says, please help me paji for election, my friend says yes for fund. Surjit says, karan. Baldev surprisingly says, how do you know.
Ladies come at ranveer house and do funnies thing in front of ranveer. Ranveer says, i want to do marriage but not that type. I dont want to select the girl for me. Veera jump and says, of course me. Ranveer says, yes veera will decide. Biji dont like and gone into her room in front of sarpanch ji’s photo. Chaiji comes, biji says, veera will caught everything from me. i want to select girl for ranveer but she also bring this responsibility from me. Ranveer comes into room. Ranveer ask to biji, biji why are you saying like this. Biji says, i want to select girl for you but she brings that responsibility from me.

Precaps:- Ranveer felt sorry and says, i will do everything as you said, i had done wrong with you.

Update Credit to: Tushar_Sharma

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