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Veera 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baldev says, i will not step back my feet. Veera says, i dont want to marry with you. what do you done with yourself. What is your identity. Baldev says, ok then i will become sarpanch for you. Veera says, it is not easy to become sarpanch. First of all feel the pain for others. Then veera gone from there. Gunjan goes into room and prepare her room with lamps.
Ranveer come into room and then unlighten all the lamps. gunjan says, you are really dumb, you dont know how to do love. Ranveer then close the light and hugs gunjan and again burn up all the lamps. Ranveer finger gets burnt up then gunjan kisses it.
bansari ji gives tea and balwant tayaji says, i have to do lot of work. Bansari ji says, you have to do work for election. Balwant tayaji says, ranveer is the right candidate. I am going to meet him for election.
Baldev says, i am fed up with this responsibility word. Balwant tayaji reaches to meet ranveer and show his proposal for election. You have to win and i have decided this. Ranveer denying about this. balwant tayaji says think about my wordings. Then balwant tayaji goes from house.
Biji ask from ranveer, why you said no to sarpanch ji. You are the right candidate. Ranveer says, i will do profitable work for pind without become sarpanch. Biji says, it was your father’s dream. Ranveer then says, ok i will fight this election. We will go to election office tonight.
Baldev does photoshoot of himself. Baldev and his friend do also photoshoot with pind peoples. Gunjan meets with bansari ji and give kachori to her. Gunjan says, lets go to home. bansari ji says, no stay here. gunjan then tell that ranveer is also now get ready for election.
Gunjan ask, what happen biji? you looks worried. bansari ji says, baldev also wants to become sarpanch and if ranveer will stand up in this election then how will baldev win. you says to him.

Precap:- Ranveer says, i will support you and please i am requesting you do something for pind.

Update Credit to: tushar

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