Veera 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Veera 5th June 2013 Written Update

Chaiji gives Ratan her usual colored clothes for wearing. Ratan hesitates as how can she wear those. Chaiji tells that for living life she needs confidence in her and it will not be given by those white clothes. She suggests Ratan must stand up to be with her kids and her children likes to see her dressed up. Ratan gives rituals and customs as reason. Chaiji advises that one must live life by following rituals but not for being sad. Ratan gets the clothes from Chaiji. New ‘Rabba’ tune in background.

Nihaal drops the kids at the school gate. He says that one must forward in life and not stagnant at one place (gives pond, river as example). Nihaal tells as of now Veera should take care of her Veerji and not anyone else. Veera asks Ranvi to catch her hair so that she will take good care of him. Both go inside with Ranvi catching Veera’s hair.

Baldev’s friend is telling that he has become just like Ranvi and there is no fun in being with him. Baldev objects and says he is not a coward like Ranvi. They plan to go somewhere by bunking the classes. One of his friend says that he cannot bring money as his pocket money for the month got over. Baldev assures he will arrange for money.

Chaiji tells Ratan not to sit idle at a place and go outside so that she will feel better. Ratan says she is not feeling good and even refuses to go to market to buy vegetables. Nihaal is back. He fakes having a hand injury so that Ratan goes to fields. Chaiji also support him after knowing his intentions. Ratan goes to get the tractor keys.

The teacher is telling the children about the lion seen in a nearby villages. He assures there is nothing to worry and not to go alone anywhere. Two kids says that their father is the strongest. The teacher tells them that every father is brave and suggests them to hide behind their father when they see a lion. The boy asks Ranvi as to whose behind he will hide as his father is no more. Ranvi is not happy to hear this. The teacher announces the test for all is after their break. Ranvi is not concentration on what the teacher says.

Ratan is in fields. Nihaal is with her. Ratan asks to take rest at home. Nihaal refuses saying she might need his assistance and he feels good to take rest in fields.

Break time. Ranvi gets flashback of a few moments he spent with Sampooran and the words the boy spoke in the class. He runs away from school. Ranvi notices a pot maker. The man gives a ghulak to him and asks to paint what ever he wishes. Ranvi paints the ghulak with yellow color.

The tractor gets stuck. Nihaal goes to help her. Ratan notices that Nihaal had lied to her to bring her out of home. She steps down and questions him as why he lied. Ratan is angry for he telling lies to her. She says that loosing the trust earned for years hurts one more as she is in pain because of lies.

Precap: Veera is playing with pagadi. Ranvi is asking for it repeatedly. Veera collides with Ratan. She takes the pagadi and scolds Veera for not listeninf to Ranvi.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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