Veera 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan coming to meet Manjeet and hugging her. She asks her to identify her. Bansuri comes and says Gunjan changed so much, she married the famous rockstar Ranvi. Manjeet says you did not give right values to your daughter, see her clothes, she came to meet me without her husband. Gunjan says Ranvi was busy and whats wrong in these clothes, its so costly. Bansuri says she did not wear such clothes before but her inlaws allow such clothes. Manjeet says she is bahu of Veera’s family, so they are good to her. She speaks against Veera and says she ruined Baldev’s life.

Bansuri asks her to come. Gunjan says wait, and asks Manjeet why is she saying this. She asks do you know how much she loves him, and what all she did. Manjeet says she does not have any manners and does not obey traditions. Gunjan says what are you saying, its 2015 and you are talking about 1915, we did not see Biji obeying traditions till now. Manjeet looks at Bansuri. Gunjan says world is going ahead and you are still there. Bansuri asks Gunjan not to argue. Gunjan says I m not arguing, I m keeping my view. Manjeet says I regret Bansuri could not become good saas and mum. Gunjan asks how can she say this. Manjeet scolds her and leaves.

Gunjan asks Bansuri what happened to her, Tai ji said such a big thing, and you have heard this silently. She says we should not hear such stupid things from her, tell m the truth, why are you bearing her nonsense. Bansuri gets into thinking. Gunjan says I will not come and not tell Ranvi to come here, till Manjeet stays here. She goes. Bansuri thinks she has to bear it, as she is helpless, she does not know about Manjeet digging old past.

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Gunjan comes to Veera’s room and says she came to meet her, as she got angry on meeting Manjeet. She says she argued with her. Veera says you too, leave it, we can’t change her thinking in this age, she will stay for some days and go. Gunjan says she became mature like Ranvi, but I would have not bear such Tai Saas. She gets dizzy and Veera worries for her. She asks her to take care and gives water. Gunjan says I m fine, sometimes sugar level gets down because of dieting. Veera asks her to have a checkup done.

She asks Gunjan what is she hiding. She says she is her friend too and asks her to trust her and share the matter. Gunjan tells Veera that she is pregnant. Veera says its very good news. Gunjan says but she does not want to become mother. Veera is shocked and asks why. Gunjan says I like baby but not new, right now career is imp to me. I can make my own identity, I m young and can become mum later. Veera says many women make career after becoming mum, would I stop doing polyhouse work if I have a child. Gunjan says you can restart it, but I can’t resume my career.

Gunjan says my body will not be same, and I will not be strong enough to go ahead. She cries and says she will not tell Ranvi and do the abortion. Veera is shocked as Gunjan says she has hidden her pregnancy from him. She says he will know it soon, why did you hide this. She asks to think again about her abortion decision. Gunjan says she has thought enough, she told her as she can understand this being her age, and she is feeling light telling her this.

Veera says if you want child, why later, if you feel you can’t make career, its wrong, we all can help you in making career, and everyone will share the baby care responsibilities, but don’t abort. Gunjan asks will she do this for her. Veera says why not, I will. Gunjan says promise me, you will not tell anyone and not Ranvi. Veera says fine, but tell me before taking final decision, and see from everyone’s view, the baby will bring happiness for everyone and make your marriage more strong.

Gunjan says fine and leaves. Veera cries. Manjeet scolds Bansuri a lot for giving wrong upbringing to her children, and says you could not become a good mum, you failed in my eyes. Bansuri stays quiet. Balwant hears this and thinks why is Bansuri not saying anything on this bad remark, when she always argues with me on small things. Veera recalls Gunjan’s words and is worried. She thinks she can’t tell Ranvi about this.

Manjeet tells Baldev against Veera and scolds her. Veera cries and Baldev asks Veera did she not eat food for two nights.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Oh finally kya navya timhari shading ho rahi hy na lakin papers ka kya hog a…tumhary dad eee I just hate him …he is such a rascal…you are only fourteen and he is marrying u with such a blo*dy creep…bastard…I am very sad but don’t worry I will give u my child..he will play with u if u can’t become mom he will help u

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