Veera 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 4th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ranvi asking his Beeji whether his father is dead? Ratan warns him not to say such words. Ranvi wants to know why his father is not coming to meet them nor making a call. He asks her why has his father not written a letter or send gifts for them. Ranvi is sure that his father knows all four will remember him. Ratan assures that his father will come back soon.

Veera is sitting on Nihaal’s shoulders. He helps her to pluck flowers for her and Ranvi. Nihaal asks about her wishes that she wants her father to do. Veera replies that she will complain that Baldev is teasing her too much. Both notice Baldev in the market. Nihaal asks him about what Veera said. Baldev says its not he but Veera is the one to tease him always. Nihaal tells him that Veera is naughty but also lovely. He requests Baldev not to trouble Veera . Nihaal says Veera will also reciprocate affection if he showers affection on her.

Nihaal and Veera move on to Gola Center. Veera is confused over choosing the flavor. Finally Nihaal asks to put all flavors. Veera shows off her Gola to a boy but doesn’t share with him. Nihaal makes her to sit on a hay bundle. Veera says the boy troubled so she will also do. Nihaal tells its wrong. Veera asks why is he shouting as father does not do so as they love their daughters. Nihaal says it’s the duty of father to make his children understand what is right and wrong . He tells her that if she had given then the boy they would have become friends. Veera assures to give it next time as its her joota. Veera tells Nihaal that her father owned a horse but was given to Pritam chachu to take care of. She then shares about the trophies at home using the term ‘barthan with name’.

Ranvi asks why she came without Gunjan. Veera tells that they met Nihaal chachu on the way so Gunjan returned back. She informs him that she and Nihaal chachu played papaji-papaji . Veera says to her Beeji that Nihaal was a good father as he lifted her on shoulders like a horse, pluck flowers and bought gola for her. She invites Nihaal to home for having lassi in the ‘barthan with name’. Ratan explains Veera trophy being a big thing that has to be won through hard work. She tells Nihaal that Veera is taking about the trophies won by Sampooran in horse race when he represented Pritampura .

Veera is playing and Ranvi checking her books. She tells him that teacher wrote only upto what she had written as the bell rang. Ranvi asks her to study properly. He tells that he noticed her seeing outside. Someone knocks the door. Ranvi and Veera receive the parcel .

Ranvi reads a note attached to the parcel. Its ‘for my Ranvi and Veera – from father – Sampooran singh’ He happily calls beeji to see what their father had sent for them. Ranvi is excited as God saw their message and made their father understand. He shows Chaiji what his papaji had sent. Chaiji gets teary eyed as some kind of message they got from Guddu.

Ratan is eager to see the things. Veera and Ranvi separate things for each other. Chaiji is suspicious on Ratan when she in excitement says that dupatta is for Chaiji. Veera asks Ratan why their father didn’t sent anything for her. Is it because he doesn’t love her? Ratan handles the situation. Ranvi and Veera tie rakhi to each other as it was in the parcel. Both run out to give the news to village people.Chaiji scolds Ratan for playing with their feelings. She is sure that its Ratan who sent the parcel as Guddu would never forget her.

Nihaal asks Bakthwar to permit him to participate in the horse race. Bakhtwar tells Nihaal has become one among them after he had done so many things for the village. He says about big ppl coming to participate. Nihaal assures that he wouldn’t have said to them if he himself wasn’t sure

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