Veera 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant asking Bansuri why is she serving Manjeet, when she does not like her and never met her all these years. She says she is doing her duty. He laughs and says you are talking about duty. She gets angry and cries, saying he does not trust her. He says I was joking, do what you want, you are becoming very strange. She thinks she will not let anyone question her.

Baldev comes home and Veera gets up. He asks her to sleep. She asks him about food. He says he told her that he will eat outside. She asks did he have food. He says yes. She gets angry and says I was waiting, and he had food outside. He asks what happened, why are you angry. She says he does not care about me, Manjeet took the food plate from me and murmurs being annoyed. Baldev goes to sleep and wakes up by the alarm tone in Veera’s phone.

He says why did she keep 5am alarm. He shuts it and sees another alarm ringing. He wakes up Veera and asks why did she keep so many alarms. She stops it. She says about Manjeet asking her to wake up early and says she waited at night to wait for him for dinner, and acts like her. He laughs and asks why is she going to bath at this time. She says she is not permitted to go kitchen without having bath. He says I will talk to Biji, leave it.

She says let it be, its matter of few days and I will bear this. Mahiya………plays………… He recalls her words and gets sad saying its just two weeks remaining now. Ranvi hears Gunjan talking to doctor and taking the appointment. She turns and sees Ranvi. He asks whom was she talking to. She lies to him again and he gets worried on her lies. She goes to Chai ji.

He thinks why is Gunjan lying to me if she is doing the tests at hospital. Veera cooks the food. She sleeps and the dish gets burnt. Manjeet comes and scolds her. Veera is shocked seeing it and Manjeet calls her very careless. Manjeet says if I did not come on time, you would have get the home on fire. Veea apologizes. Manjeet says she will teach her a lesson today and calls everyone. Veera cries and says what am I doing.

Bansuri asks what happened. Manjeet asks why did you let Baldev marry such a girl, she was sleeping in kitchen and burnt the food. Veera defends and Manjeet scolds more. Bansuri apologizes to her and says she will manage kitchen. Veera says no, I will cook food again. Bansuri insists and asks her to go. Baldev asks Manjeet to go and rest. Manjeet taunts Bansuri for making Veera her bahu and asks him about Veera marrying him by cheat, else I don’t know why will anyone like to marry her. Baldev gets angry.

Balwant says she is a nice girl, don’t get angry, give her some time. He asks Bansuri to take Manjeet. Manjeet asks Bansuri what does she want, that Veera stays here and ruin them. Bansuri says no. Manjeet says then we have to get free of her. Balwant pacifies Veera and asks her to take rest. Veera goes to her room. Ranvi brings a baby poster and keeps it in the cupboard, saying he will ask Gunjan today, she has hidden it a lot.

Gunjan comes and sees the poster. He says a gift for you. She sees the baby’s pic and says its nice. He asks her about…. She gets a call and says Biji’s call. She says I know Tai ji, I will come with Ranvi today. She tells him about Tai ji and asks him to get ready. He says you go, I have some work. She says fine, I will go and come. She leaves. He says she wants to make excuses and not talk, but I will know why are you doing this.

Veera cries and tries tying cloth to her hand. Baldev comes to her and cares. He says stop crying. She gets angry and says no one wants me to be here, not even you. He says this is not true. He says I mean you can stay here. She looks at him. He smiles seeing her innocent behavior. He sees the calendar and says he has many complaints from her, I know it was not your mistake whatever happened, Tai ji scolded you, you did all duties of a good bahu and… She smiles and asks and…. He leaves. She says and he wants me to stay in this house, the way you care for me, it shows you are getting fine, when I have to leave this house, you will hold my hand and stop me. Mahiya…………plays…….

Gunjan tells Veera that she is pregnant, but she does not want to become mother, she will not tell Ranvi and do the abortion. Veera is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. we want our old baldev back…..

  2. Yeah we wan old cute loving baldev

  3. not only loving…..he was funny,charming guy with sweet smile…..not he has changed……

  4. Grow up gunjan plzz

  5. poor ranvi,he got such a wife

  6. They have changed veera too.. She went away from the pind and her family to study and now she’s just like any other bahu of the many many serials

  7. veeba had changed into boring lovers from charming lovers

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