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Veera 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan seeing Ranvi and being upset. Lambi judai…………..plays………….. Ranvi leaves. She sits crying and recalls their love. Veera is sad thinking about her and Baldev. Ranvi calls Dhingra and cancels the concert where he was singing with Geet. Dhingra asks why. Ranvi says he can’t sing and he will pay the penalty. Gunjan hears this and asks him not to do this with his career, but he should sing with Geet. He says he has decided and he knows what he is doing. She says Ratan’s fields….if he sings with Geet, they will get money and they can buy Ratan’s fields back, say yes to sing for this sake. He asks her not to bother him now and goes.

She cries that she has broken his trust, but she can do anything to make their relation fine and win his trust back. Gunjan

goes to talk to Geet and asks her to convince Ranvi to sing with her again and apologizes. Geet says he is hurt now, he will not listen to me, you can convince him for singing. Gunjan says I tried. Geet says he got cheated and is hurt, you revive love in his heart, just you can do this.

Vera is thinking about Dilawar. Baldev comes to her and apologizes to her, and asks her to support him in solving Ranvi and Gunjan’s problem, then she can scold him. She says she is thinking about Dilawar. He says I will beat him. She says be calm, he has used Gunjan’s situation, then someone burnt Ranvi’s fields and Dilawar helped him and went to stay there, I feel why is Dilawar common in all this, I felt that its big thing than we know, Pappu was Dilawar’s man. He says yes, Dilawar said he regrets so he wants to help us by marrying Geet.

Gunjan asks Ranvi to stay in the room, as she has hurt him a lot, and goes out to sleep. Its morning, Gunjan makes Ranvi’s fav gajar halwa and shows Geet. Geet says she will serve them. Gunjan says no, I will go, and leaves. Ranvi is sad. Gunjan brings the halwa. Ranvi refuses and leaves. Deepu asks Gunjan is Ranvi still annoyed with her. Gunjan gets sad.

Veera comes to Pappu’s home and looks for something. Bansuri talks to Gunjan. Gunjan says she has to repent for her mistakes and will keep fast. Bansuri says he will talk to you some day, I will bring mangoes. Gunjan says no, I will eat when Ranvi forgives me, where is Baldev, I have ashamed him and want to apologize to him. Bansuri says he will forgive you, he is not like Ranvi.

Veera gets Patiala ticket in Pappu’s bag and says why would he commit suicide if he had to go there and gets an address of his sister. She calls on that number and gets to know Pappu was very happy. Amrita says Pappu said he will get much money for some work. Veera thinks it means Pappu had no intention to die, it means someone has doing this to divert us as he was the real murderer, she will find the culprit and get justice for Ratan.

Manjeet talks to Dilawar and says I know them well. Dilawar says they don’t know me, I will ruin them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. All of them are Stuck on Stupid’apart from Balwant! Ranvi should let out every hidden shame Gunjan comited stand on that Divorce that b*t*hes ass Gunjan. Veera should shut the F up and let Ranvi do wat he wants to nd after all that if she still Insisted cut her off to as a dead to him Sister them Move to Mumbai with Deepu and Geet. The Writers are Stuck on Stupid’ what kind of lines are they penning Down.. Lame..

  2. I hope veera find the truth before dilawar do anything stupid n put his ass away for good

  3. If u guys really reviewing before publishing like u claim,why am I reading so much swearing,bad language.

  4. Just wanted to know what’s happened to Chai gee? Is she coming back for the ending? Have missed her

  5. This program is really bad..I mean real bad

  6. But the programme will still end well. Dilawar will be exposed by Veera. And at last, Veera will become a mother and present her baby to Ranvi and Gunjan. It will be Veera and Baldev’s mutual desicion.

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