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The Episode starts with Baldev and Jaggi trying to find about Kavita from the Dhaba tea vendor. The man says so many people are coming to ask about her. Baldev asks who else came. The man asks them to go, as its time for his earning. Jaggi asks someone else about Kavita. Baldev also asks and the men start leaving. Baldev says no one wants to talk about this case. Jaggi says lets go to police station and find. A guy comes and says if you go to police, you will be trapped, the last person who came and went to police has died. The guy leaves. Jaggi says its mystery, who was he who came to ask before us, who died. Baldev says lets go inside pind, someone will tell us.

Rajveer shows Veera the flowers and her pic. She asks whats all this. Hhe says its proof of my love, which I have hidden, you did not come here before. He asks did she come here before. She says no, how would I, this room was locked. He says there is no secret between us today, I will tell everything, so I have sent my servant out, so that no one can know our truth. She asks about the case. He says I will tell you, but first let me tell you my feelings. He asks her to think about him. She says yes, I did a mistake, you know everything. He takes a rose and says I understand, but we have much time today.

He says we will tell each other all the truth today. Baldev and Jaggi fail to get any info about Kavita. The constable comes and asks why are you finding about Kavita. Jaggi says we are finding her neighbor, and the constable tells him. A guy looks on. Rajveer asks Veera does she like him. She says yes, but whenever I come here, I recall Baldev, he is still my husband, if he is in jail, then … so I want him to go to jail, I want to know what else proof you have. Rajveer says I will say, but before that, I got the news that Ranvi will not give statement against Baldev. She gets glad. She asks why is she happy.

She says no, I m shocked. He says Ranvi’s statement is imp. Baldev and Jaggi come to Kavita’s house and asks her parents about Kavita. Her dad says her beauty has taken her life. Baldev asks who was after her. He says I know her loss can’t be gone, but don’t end her existence, we are asking as her death is elated to one more, which happened in our pind, we are from Pritampura. Her dad asks them to leave, as Nihaal Singh came from Pritampura and he has also asked this, then we read he was killed, we know why was he killed. Baldev and Jaggi are shocked.

Rajveer tells Veera to call Ranvi and ask him to give statement against Baldev. She says why will he listen to me, he ended ties with me. He says yes, that was because you married Baldev against his wish, and if you tell Baldev is murderer, he will agree, its court hearing tomorrow and Baldev will go behind jail, call Ranvi. Bansuri tells Gunjan about Veera meeting Rajveer, she is of bad character, she is having affair with Rajveer. Gunjan says stop it, don’t say this. Bansuri says Veera comes late at night, Baldev is so worried about her, and she is not worried.

Gunjan says she might be going for Baldev’s case. Bansuri says why is Veera hiding this, why is she not telling Baldev. Gunjan says I don’t know. Bansuri says you are blind in Veera’s love. Jaggi and Baldev talk about the connection of Rajveer and this case. The guy catches them and asks how do you know Rajveer. Baldev says he is in our pind now, tell me what do you know about her. The man says Kavita used to love me, but Rajveer is devil got after her, he troubled her so much that she did suicide. Baldev is shocked.

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Rajveer tells Veera that her game is over, she was acting to save Baldev. He says you were helping Rajveer by winning my trust so that I tell you the truth. He hurts her and she cries. He says you will be punished for this, Baldev will be hanged, but you… She says enough, your game will be over, you don’t know Baldev has gone to Gurdaspur to find out Kavita and Nihaal’s murder link, and the truth will be out. Rajveer is shocked.

The man says Rajveer liked Kavita and she refused him, as she loved me and wanted to marry me, he started troubling her, and used to follow her, he was inspector and knew to use his power in wrong way, my marriage was fixed with her, he blamed me for theft and o lost my job, I could not prove myself innocent. Jaggi says he did same with Baldev because of Veera. The man says Kavita was ready to marry me, and Rajveer threatened her that he will kill me and my parents, so she did suicide, after all this, Rajveer did not stop and started threatening her family, and one day his goons have beaten her dad, her mum could not bear it and they took the case back.

He says Rajveer’s men are here and they informed him about Nihaal, as he knew Kavita’s truth and he was killed. Baldev says you have to help us, he has killed Nihaal and blamed me. Jaggi says he is troubling Baldev’s wife. The man says I will help you, don’t worry, I won’t let him ruin more lives. Rajveer ties Veera by ropes and says he wanted her that they got united. He says I have waited a long, I can’t wait more.

The man meets Kavita’s parents and asks them to help Baldev. Baldev asks them to get all proof they have and come along. The guy says we can’t live in fear, we have to make Rajveer get punished, and is goons can’t stop us. Her mum agrees and says she wants justice for Kavita, Her says we will come along, as we don’t want your wife to be like Kavita. Baldev says It won’t be, as she has come in Rajveer’s ords. The man says maybe she has surrendered to him, Rajveer won’t leave her. Rajveer takes Veera somewhere, and throws her dupatta on Gunjan. Gunjan sees them and thinks why is he taking her like this. She calls Ranvi and her phone falls. She rushes to save Veera.

Rajveer asks Veera to say yes and get love, else he will make her say yes, the decision is hers. She says she will like to die, but not become hrs. She asks him to leave her. Baldev and Ranvi come there and fight with the goons.

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