Veera 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi and Geet singing in the studio. She sings Jogiya ve……….. and stops. She tells Ranvi that she forgot the lyrics. He says we will sing now. Arora asks them to sing soon and they can laugh and chat in his office later. Ranvi and Geet sing again. Gunjan comes there. Arora says they are singing so well as if saying each other their heart talk, I did not see such singers before. Ranvi comes and sees Gunjan. He says he did not see her. Gunjan says when he sings, his focus is not on anyone. She thinks she will be with Ranvi in studio and singing too.

Ranvi and Gunjan come home. Ratan asks where is Geet and Deepu. Ranvi says we dropped them at home, as Manjeet might have got angry. Ratan asks about recording. Ranvi says it went very well, Geet sings so nice, Veera found a diamond. He says Geet knows to make people laugh, she was very happy. Ratan says I did not see her openly smiling, maybe hear fear stopped which Manjeet has put in her, and her real personality is coming out. Ranvi says some Guru has taught Geet to sing. Gunjan says Ratan is right, I have to bring out my fear out and sits to do vocal exercises. Ranvi hears her and gets puzzled.

He says what happened to Gunjan, why is she making strange sounds. He asks what is she doing. She says nothing, I have throat itching, I m changing, I will come later. He says fine, take care. She says Ranvi should now knot I was practicing, else surprise will go wrong. Geet tells Ratan that she will help her. Gunjan looks on and asks how did he come so soon. Geet says Balwant has sent me for rehearsals, he is very nice.

Veera comes home happily and says Baldev agreed to help Preeto. Ratan says its good Baldev did not bring the personal problems between his work. Geet says its good Baldev agreed. Gunjan asks why does she misunderstand Baldev. Ranvi tells Veera that he will drop Veera, Geet and Deepu. Gunjan thinks why is Geet always with Ranvi and says she will also come with them. He says sure.

Preeto scolds her hungry kids. Veera comes there with Geet and Gunjan, and says she got something for them, Ratan has made it. Preeto says I can’t take it, sorry. Veera says why, you can invite us to have food later. Preeto says she can’t manage food for family, how will they invite them. Veera says she came to give good news, Baldev said he will help her and talk to sahukar. Geet says if Veera is saying, her work will be done, Veera has given happiness in her life. Gunjan says my brother is a good sarpanch, he would have helped you if you went yourself. Preeto accepts the food and asks the kids to have it.

Manjeet tells Bansuri that she controls her bahu Geet, unlike Veera. Deepu comes and hugs Balwant. He asks Geet about recording. Geet says the recording was good, everyone is very good. Balwant says Ranvi is really good, the one he guides does not want anyone else. Manjeet thinks to control Geet and makes excuse of medicines to leave.

She goes to Geet and slaps her. She says everyone knows her by her name and scolds her. Veera comes and asks what is she saying, how can she threaten her bahu. She says this is Balwant’s home and this does not happen here, he can’t bear this if he knows. Manjeet says I know this, you also understand one thing that you can’t rule always. She tells Geet to be as she says else she will not bear all this changes in her.

Geet starts crying and Manjeet leaves. Veera consoles her and says Manjeet can’t do anything till Balwant is here. Geet says you don’t know her, she will not let me sing, maybe I should not sing. Veera says she got the chance which many people wish. Geet says I can’t do this. Veera shows Deepu’s pic and asks her not to lose hope and courage. Geet says yes, I have to become something in Deepu’s eyes and protect her.

Balwant asks Veera to come for dinner. She says she is waiting for Baldev and will dine with him. Bansuri thinks she is sure Veera has some work with Baldev. Veera tries calling Baldev and says she wants to thank him for helping Preeto.

Baldev says he will not help Preeto and says he was won and she lost.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sick f manjeet n bansuri’s drama! directors plz knock sm brain in baldev’s head! Da only thing he does nowadays is irritating! Hopless 😐

  2. i guess gunjan ‘ll die in serial n ranvi ‘ll fall in luv wid geet by her singing skills n selfless nature n dey ‘ll live hppily wid deepu!

    1. Hopefully not !!

    2. Not die end of the serial

    3. Better sell the serial to another director im tied on meaningless epsd

    4. U better convice ua director to sell the serial to profssional one (drctors) im tied to see no imprivment still conflct up to day.

  3. Boring episodes

  4. Uff y baldev is behaving cheaply??veera told him about preeto but this doesnt mean that he cant help her.what is the need of a sarpanch if he isnt caring about the ppl.seems like there ll be some twists regarding ranvi nd geet.hope that geet wont fall 4 ranvi..

  5. Veera sounds like hell

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