Veera 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev worried as he is unable to tell Ranvi. Veera calls him and asks him did he succeed. He says no, I tried much. She says even I failed, I went with Nihaal. He asks what, with Nihaal. She says yes, he knows about it. He says fine. She says we will go city. He asks why. She says to play guitar. He says what, you were talkingg about this. She says yes. He says we will arrange it, you sleep. She says what happened to him. He says this was her important thing, I felt she wants to tell Ranvi about us. He says leave it, I will tell Ranvi myself, I have to do this alone. He says no one can stop me this time.

Its morning, Veera counts many tiffins Chaiji and Ratan are packing. She sees Gunjan upset. She says I know you are sad as Ranvi is going without you, but try to understand him, he is not wrong. She says you are also not wrong, when it comes to feelings. Ranvi comes. Baldev and Nihaal come home and Ranvi asks what does he want to say. Baldev gives him a gift. Ranvi opens it and gets a phone. Baldev says you can see everyone here and we can see you. Veera says yes, we will feel we are with you.

Ranvi says I can’t take costly gift. Baldev says its not for you, but my sister, Gunjan, so that she can show her face daily to you. Ranvi thanks him and says I don’t know how to return this favor. Baldev thinks its very easy, give me your sister. He says my life is also ready for you. He thinks he should talk about Veera now. Gunjan goes to her room. Veera feeds the contacts in the new phone. Baldev gets Jaggi’s call and comes to him. He gives him the ticket. Baldev asks Ranvi to come for a min.

Baldev says I have to say something. Veera signs Baldev to come. Veera says lets go and get the guitar. Baldev says 5mins. Veera says no, we can’t be late. Baldev asks for a glass of water. Baldev quickly writes a letter for Ranvi, writing him that he loves Veera and she loves him too. He asks him to agree for their marriage and love. He keeps the letter in the ticket. Veera gives letter to Ranvi and asks him to see it. Veera says she has to go with Baldev for site work. Veera says lets go and takes Baldev.

Ranvi checks the ticket and stops as Gunjan comes. She says let me work. He holds her hand and asks her to smile, don’t be annoyed. If she wants to get sad and go, then…… She says even you are making me sad, do you care. He says I care, I don’t want to leave you here. She says yes I know that you won’t leave me here and go. She kisses him and goes. Ranvi says I can’t understand her sometimes. He gets the ticket as it stucks inside the envelope.

Baldev and Veera come back home with the guitar. Baldev is tensed. She asks what happened, are you worried. He says no. She says lets go and gift him. He says he has to say something. She says we will talk later after Ranvi goes. Ranvi asks Veera whats all this going on. Everyone looks serious and Baldev gets worried. Veera asks what happened. Ranvi says you and Baldev can’t hide it now. The truth is out to me, don’t lie more now. Baldev says I will explain. Ranvi says I want to hear it from Veera, not you. Ranvi talks about the guitar and why did she buy such an expensive one. Veera smiles.

Veera gifts him the guitar and says its priceless infront of your dreams, think I will be always with you. Ranvi takes it and shows to everyone. He hugs Veera. Balwant, Bansuri and the village people come with sweets and asks Ranvi to win everyone’s hearts with his sweet voice. Ranvi’s ticket envelope falls and Baldev and Veera see it. Veera takes it and Ratan asks her to check train seat details. Veera gets Baldev’s letter and is shocked. She looks at Baldev.

Veera tells the seat details and hides the letter. She gives the ticket to Ranvi. Baldev gets annoyed. She talks to him and says I can’t believe you did this without telling me, its good I read it, if Ranvi saw it then, it would have been a big issue. He says I don’t think I m doing wrong, we love each other. She says its right time, this is not good for his career, he has to focus now, he agreed after much difficulty, he will get worried. She says promise me you won’t tell anyone. He says but Veera. She says please. He says fine. She says lets go else everyone will ask about us. She leaves. Baldev looks on.

Veera says we should know each other, and not fight. He says we can understand each other after marriage. She says she is not ready for marriage now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where is this story going.. has the writter and the whole team forgot that what this serials is about

  2. Why are people disliking leavessky comment…he/she didnt say anyhthing wrong!!!!!

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