Veera 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Gunjan looks ranveer shirt and hug it. Baldev comes to meet gunjan and ask, have you taken your dinner. you gone to mataji’s mandir, where is prasad. YOu sit here, i know you can tell me everything, did ranveer do something wrong with you? Gunjan says, dont think ranveer wrong? Baldev says, i dont know you came here to meet us and now you hugging his shirt. I want to say that clear the matter. Gunjan then gives ranveer’s kurta.
Biji is upset then veera and ranveer perform for her. Veera perform role as biji and veera says, ranveer, what are you hiding from me? Ranveer says, nothing then show her wound. Then finally ranveer and veera says sorry to biji. Ranveer says, you teach us that never hurt anyone then how could i hurt anyone. i didnt want to hurt you to tell everything. Then biji hugs ranveer. Ranveer says, sorry to biji. Biji says, i know that you dont want to hurt me, but if you will not share your pain with family members then from whom will???? Ranveer says, now everything will happen as you says. Biji says, do you love gunjan? ranveer says, but she doesnt want to live with me. BIji says, now i will not allow her to play with our life. Now i will show to gunjan that ranveer is not for gunjan.
Next day biji goes towards gunjan’s home. Veera stops her and says, i know gunjan bhabi did wrong but now she cares about him. Gunjan bhabi loves him. I want to clear all matter. Veera says, biji is really disappointed with gunjan bhabi, i should inform to her. Baldev stops ranveer and give kurta to him and ask, what happen to both of you. did you quarrel each other. Please tell me. Ranveer says, we didnt quarrel and she is gone by her own. If i will be at your situation then i will bring her back. Ranveer says, it is all happen due to gunjan.
Gunjan prepare dining table for breakfast and unfortunately her finger burnt up then she calls ranveer and thinks that ranveer is with her. Gunjan then see baldev and says, for how long you is here. Baldev says, whenever you called ranveer.
Gunjan says, did ranveer ask something about me. baldev says, i am surprised, you here remember ranveer, if you miss ranveer then you go to your husband home. Biji reaches to gunjan home and says, i want to talk with gunjan in alone.

Precap:- Veera ask about biji then biji says, i cleared all matter and now i decided that i will do your second marriage.

Update Credit to: tushar

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  5. Yes. really Gunjan miss to Ranveer , and Ranveer miss Gunjan dhone dil bahuth bahuth pyar karthi hooo. Both are excellent acting. i like this soooooooooo muchhhhhhhh and one more thing dhono beach back ground music extraordinary

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