Veera 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 20th November 2013 Written Update

Ranvir entered into gurudwara and prayed for veera. He said that if she will not want to go to delhi, then he will not let her go to delhi.Now everybody(Ranvi family) entered into gurudwara, sarpanch ji said that they found everywhere but they couldn’t find veera. Surjeet singh entered into scene and said why everybody gathered together into gurudwara, then said she doesnt want to go to delhi thats why she ran away from her house. She understood her and said to go to her house. Sarpanch ji asks if he knew everything then why he will not drop her to her home but he cant due to ratan parjai, then scene turned onto veera side, she came down from truck and struck with a man. The man asked her”where she is going”. then veera ran away in front of him and goes inside truck.

Another scene ranveer said,”veera has taken her dinner or not”? sarpanchji said that he informed to police station for searching veera. veera thought that she will tell everything about herself to truck driver but she frightened and hide into flower bucket. Ranveer said that firstly god gave veera to him now he will again sent veera in front of me. he will never go to home without veeera.
Truck driver came to guruudwara . Veera shouts ” Veer ji Veer ji mai ithe hu”. then everybody said veera where are you. Everybody uncover the bucket and veera asked how will i come here then ranveer said god bring you back. Ratan parjai thanks to God.
Then one old man asked to veera where she has gone, her brother was very frightened and tell to chaiji to tell the eagle story .
Chaiji told the story of cheel and gave moral that, cheel want that their child will fly high in the air, then veera said thats why my veerji want to sent me delhi so that i will become very big. she admit that she will go to delhi.

Sarpanch ji asked who will said to veera that she will go to delhi alone then gunjan said that she told to veera. Sarpanchji said that i know you are veera’s friend and you will told that thing by mistaken.

Telephone ring two times. Ranveer picks the phone was from delhi for confirmation of fees deposit. School staff informed to ranveer that if he will not deposit the fees till tommorow then they will not allow to give admission into their school.

Chaiji and ratan parjai taught each other in a tensed mood, then ratan said, from where she will arrange the fees .

Precap:– Veera said to ranveer she is very hungry then ranveer moved his hand towards veera’s mouth, then veera saw a wound in ranveer’s hand and said what happened to his hand.

Update Credit to: tsh

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