Veera 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Veera 18th April 2013 Written Update

Bansuri is at home folding clothes. Nihal comes saying sarpanch sarpanch. He says louder and asks if anyone at home. Bansuri hears and says ayii
She asks who is it!

Nihal sAys he is nihal and is looking for balwant. Bansuri ka mood bilkul changed. Her mood changes decks a bit up and tells him to sit down while he trying to leave

She comes out of the room and asks him to sit

He says its ok but looking for balwant. He asks if he is at home. She says no.

He tries to give him food but he refuses but says tell balwant he has arranged a place to stay!
Balwant comes and nihaltells him he will live in chaiji house as she told him to.

Bansuri tells him to stay over as this house is his too. Balwant says someone else will stay. Bansuri indirectly taunts but nihal interferes saying it ok he will stay in chaiji house and he leaves.

At home, he got flour over his face. Ratan comes over and smirks. She trying to speak while he looking at her

She finally speaks up saying if he wants to work in her farm with her, if he has another job then he doesnt need to. He keeps staring and then agrees to work

Chaiji narates a story to veera and ranvi
Ratan comes home and listens

Veera gets up and asks why she sweating and how does it happen
Does she have a pipe in her body
Everyone laughs
Chaiji tries to go sleep
Veera stops her
Ratan copies veera and everyone laughs leaving chaiji shocked and chaiji says “both mother daughter” and stops
Both shocked

Precap: ratan nihal talking. Ratan starts to laugh after apologizing! She laughs hard
Kartar sees and is angry

Update Credit to: -JungleeBilli-

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