Veera 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera saying its imp for him to become sarpanch more than his wife. He says its fine, we both have weakness will you not doubt on me if my shirt has female perfume smell. She says I will kill you. He says see then. She says lets go now. He stops her touches her hair, and does her dupatta right. She smiles. He says don’t think I have bend infront of you. She says even I did not bend infront of you, shall we leave now. Ranvi says its good school matter started. Ratan says we have to make education reach all the kids. Gunjan says she is going a big work, dad wanted to come, and send congrats on phone.

Ratan says this is Veera’s dream, she wanted to open secondary school in pind. Ranvi says she thinks for everyone. Gunjan says she did not come here, and went in mall bhoomi pujan for Baldev’s happiness. Manjeet gets shocked seeing Baldev and Veera together. Geet smiles happily. Balwant says so you went to take Veera, you did good, now sit in puja. Manjeet thinks he is fool to get Veera, I failed to fill poison in his mind. Bansuri thinks why is Manjeet staring at Veera, I m happy that Manjeet failed, I will deal with Veera later. Kohli says he has seen Veera always interfering in our work, if she tells anything.

They think Baldev got her to show everyone, he has something in his mind. The pandit asks them to sit in the puja. Manjeet thinks Baldev is annoyed and got her here to insult her. He says its good you came but Baldev is not happy seeing you, the one who is here by heart will sit in puja, not anyone who pretends. Baldev says Tai ji, you are elder so I m quiet, don’t make me accept my mouth, Veera is my wife and she has full right to sit in this puja, which you and Geet does not have, you are our guest who are not going back.

Veera asks what is he saying, she is our Tai ji. Baldev says its true. Balwant says you can’t talk to her like this. Baldev says when you know what Manjeet did and told to me… Veera asks him not to say anything, he is sarpanch now. Oberoi comes and asks Baldev where was he. Veera says they got late as sarpanch was imp to attend a school function, she knows his time is imp, we will start puja now. Bansuri thinks she is glad that Manjeet will not plan anything now.

Ratan says they can play today and will have to study from tomorrow. A boy bumps into Gunjan and says sorry. Gunjan says its fine. The lady asks Ranvi and Gunjan to get habitual to manage kids’ work. Gunjan gets upset and leaves. She goes to an empty class and cries. Ranvi comes to her and tries to make her smile, by pacifying her. She says we will not have any children. He says its not easy, but I m also trying, let people say anything.

She says she knows he always wanted a child. He says he loves her the most, he does not want anything if she is with him, she has to be happy with him. He says you are not less than a kid, and pulls her cheek. He says even I m innocent small Ranvi. She says I know you are naughty kid. He gets naughty and she says Biji… He turns to find no one and they smile. He says we are still childish and talking about kids, keep smiling, my heart feels peaceful seeing you happy. He hugs her.

Oberoi says Baldev is thinking good for the pind. He says you have convinced the villagers that you will do good for them, I m proud of you. Baldev thanks him. Veera comes and says everyone is waiting for him. Baldev says I will come. He talks to Oberoi. Oberoi asks him to sign the second project file and Baldev says sure. He leaves. Oberoi says why don’t every village has foolish sarpanch, he does not read and sign, once we make cold drink factory, we will earn good.

Kohli says the field water will be used and the land will get infertile. Oberoi says who will explain them, as Baldev is on our side, the villagers will send us the land in low rates. He laughs.

Baldev and Veera come home. He looks angry. She asks what happened. He asks did she not doubt on Manjeet when she locked her in storeroom. She says yes, but I don’t think she did it. Manjeet tells Geet to not do anything for few days and she will plan after some time. She apologizes to Veera for getting angry on her in puja. Baldev comes and throws her bags. He says its enough Tai ji, I know you don’t like Veera, but I did not know you can fall so low to make her leave this house.

Veera asks what is he saying. He says she stopped you from coming in puja. Manjeet says I did not lock her. Baldev asks why did she send Veera to store room to get cylinder, you lied to me that she went out in morning. He tells what all Manjeet did and filled his ears against Veera, asking him to leave Veera and marry Geet. Geet cries. Veera is shocked. Manjeet says Baldev, you are misunderstanding my words, I just said you can get a nice girl like Geet, since I came here, I have seen that you and Veera do not have things fine, if I say you to marry Geet, what wrong did I say.

She says Geet is your elder brother’s widow and he scolds her. She asks whats wrong if you marry Geet, I think she is better for you by every way. He gets angry and asks Veera to see her real face. Veera cries. Baldev says Veera is my wife and my love. Veera smiles happily. Mahiya………..plays………. Baldev says though we fight, we can die for each other, you and your bad plans can’t change this, take your bags and get lost.

Baldev asks Veera why is she doing opposite, he is fighting for her and she is still showing him down. She says she is proud of him, so she is stopping him from taking wrong decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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