Veera 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 14th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ratan scolding Veera, she screams at her for taking things without others permission. She further tells she is fed up of her ( veeras ) questions and she should just learn to be quite. Ratan ask veera to go upstairs and sleep, before going Veera asks RV to come with her as she is scared of sleeping alone. Rv is about to say yes , Ratan interferes , tells RV is not ur servant , u go and sleep, leave him alone.

Veera goes upstairs starring at RV sadly. Moti Chaiji wonders what has happened to Ratan.

Veera title song in bg, Rv comes to veera , shows Rakhi ( that was lost ) veera happy seeing that. RV tells her he hasn’t been talking to her till now so what should he do to make her smile. Veera asks her to feed her from his hands. Rv trying to Cheer up , Veera laughs asking him to not do, *its a Dream *
Ratan asks Veera to wake up, Veera asks her why isn’t she waking her lovingly ? Veera asks Ratan what has she made for her break fast. Ratan tells her off. Then Ratan asks RV what he wants in breakfast , RV doesn’t reply , walks from there.

Veera doing drawing , she tells Motichaiji’s that seeing her drawing her veerji will become happy. She shows her drawing to RV only to see him giving no reply and walk away.
Veera shows the drawing to Ratan who ask her not to disturb. Ratan tells Veera to do house chore works , puts a plate in front of veera ask her to cut all the vegetables before she comes back after doing her work . Veera unable to do the task , gives up and goes to chair , starts drawing only to be scolded by Ratan. When Veera tells she coudnt cut the vegetables , Ratan tells from tomorrow she won’t go to school. And she takes Veera’s school back to burn. While trying to pull it form her, veera falls on the floor. Ranveera runs to his sister, makes sure she is fine.

Motichaiji’s takes Veera with her , Rv questions veera on her behavior , tells how she had been harsh to her. Ratan tells she is fed up of being fake maa to veera, she further says when you who claim to be veera’s mother doesn’t care , why Would I ? She tells him , forget about being her naa, u don’t even want to be her brother. RV tells he is unhappy , not because Veera isn’t his own sister , but he isn’t able to digest the fact that Ratan isn’t her naa. He further tells her , Veera was always my sister and she will always be.

Pre-cap: Ratan explains how Veera considers him like a god and how while distancing himself from veera, he has given pain to her.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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