Veera 14th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 14th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Gunjan gets frightened and she thinks that will she go to ranveer or not? But she denies. Baldev says to veera, what happened? Veera says, gunjan bhabi is annoyed with me. I spoiled veerji’s birthday surprise. Baldev supports her.
Here at balwant ji’s home, bansari ji searches her sitar. bansari ji says to balwant ji, i know you hide my sitar, you dont want to see forward. If you will not give me my sitar until i will not cook food. baldev trying to make happy to
veera. Baldev dances for veera.
Veera gets happy and baldev also gets happy with it. Have a moment!!!
Gunjan sit on well and she says, i forget the way to home then ranveer reaches there and gunjan finds that necklace is not present in her neck. Ranveer dive in well and finds her necklace. Gunjan says, are you mad? We will find it tomorrow. Ranveer says, i promised you last night that i will never pained you but please forgive me. Ranveer put necklace on gunjan’s neck. Romantic moment starts!!!!
Veera sees that gunjan bhabi and ranveer gets happy. Gunjan says sorry to veera. I really made a mistake, you really did alot for me and ranveer. Veera says, there is also some my mistake, i always come in between you and veerji. Please forgive me.
Gunjan bhabi says, lets forget everything and we will become friend as we were previously. Veera hugs gunjan. Veera and gunjan serves parathe to veerji. Veera tells a good news that harmeet paji’s brother likes ranveer’s voice and they will give call to you. Ranveer gets upset and goes outside from house. Veera ask from him that why are you get upset, when i told you about it.
Ranveer says, i have some responsibility and i have to fulfil it thats why i cant go to city. I will have to complete the papaji’s dream and for that we required money. Veera says, i know you have to go outside from pind but tell me one thing, cant i fulfil the responsibility. Trust me i will complete my responsibility. our krishi vidhyalaya is going to start. Ranveer gets happy to hear this.

Precap:- Veera says to ranveer , we want you to see a succesful person, please give one chance to yourself and fulfil your dream.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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