Veera 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 13th August 2013 Written Update

Ranveera fails in their attempt to convince Veera’s grandparents to stay back in Preetampura. Ranveera is dejected. Veera’s grandfather says that he hates the bratty kids and can’t stay with them and so he says that he won’t allow Veera to stay in such a atmosphere where she too will be spoilt. Baldev is happy. But Veera is stubborn and says she won’t go anywhere as this is her village and she won’t go away from her two mothers. Veera’s grandfather is about to mention that Veera is not Ratan’s own child but Ranvi stops him. They go home and just then an idea strucks Ranvi.

Ranvi comes to their room and calls for Veera who’s hiding from her grandparents behind the bed. She has all her toys and stuff too hidden with her so that she can conveniently hide for days at stretch. But Ranvi tells her that he has another idea. He tells her that as per her Grandfather they hate kids who acts stubborn and lie. Ranvi tells her that to drive them away now she should behave like one. Veera is happy with Ranvi’s idea and starts to put their plan in action almost immediately.

Veera’s grandparents asks Chaiji to sit with them but Chaiji indirectly tells them that their actions is making everyone sad and they will have to pay for it one day. Nihal comes home and Ratan offers him tea but he declines. Veera’s grandfather invites him to their Pind to meet Veera someday to which Nihal looses his cool and tells them off for taking Veera away. He says that they are not taking Veera away but taking their life along.

Veera and Ranvi watches this and Veera asks Ranvi if they can tell Nihal that she won’t leave to which Ranvi denies. The kids put their plan in action at the first opportunity. Ranvi puts a fake lizard in Veera’s grandfather’s pocket to scare him. The old couple wonder who must have done it and Ranveera makes it look like Veera did it and then when her Grandfather questions her, she denies. The kids are happy with their move.

At school, in break Veera is making Rakhi for Ranvi. When her teacher questions her she says that she’ll make the best Rakhi for her Veerji. She asks her teacher to pray on her behalf that her Grandparents shouldn’t take her away. On the other hand Ranvi is planning his other trick.

Veera’s grandmom comes to Ratan to ask forgiveness from her on Amrita’s behalf. Earnestly she asks Ratan to forgive Amrita and says that if Amrita would have been alive she would have brought her in front of her but now that she’s no more she asks forgiveness on her daughter’s behalf. Ratan and Chaiji looks on.

Veera’s grandmom is applying balme on her foot when Veera comes and offer another medicine. Its a pop-out sort of a toy that scares the old lady. Veera’s grandfather says Veera isn’t that docile as she looks. Ranveera hugs.

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