Veera 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Veera 12th June 2013 Written Update

Chaiji asks Ratan to make some sweet dish also as Ratan is starting to take over her responsibilities once again. Ranvi and Veera are making Nihaal to do sit-ups so that he gains strength to guard the village. Veera complains as she wasnt allowed to fight the lion. Chaiji tells her that even she gets tired of her questions and when she does the same to tiger, it will die by itself. Veera does the signal that was supposed to be done when the tiger is seen. Chaiji gets tensed and asks her not to do so. Ranvi explains the same to Veera. Chaiji keeps the plate on table and goes. Veera looks at it smilingly.

Balwant is assigning positions to villagers to safeguard them from lion. Kartar and Nihaal are teamed up. The villagers split to take over the positions. Kartar is trying to instigate Nihaal to open his mouth. He asks as why Nihaal is staying in the village even after knowing that Sampooran is dead. Nihaal tries to say that it will be better if they avoid the topic right now but Kartar doesnt leave him saying he will definitely find the reason for him staying back. Nihaal warns not to take the topic as he knows what Kartar’s real intentions are. Kartar spills the beans that he set the stable on fire so that Nihaal will not be able to participate in the competition. Nihaal gets angry and shouts that Kartar must be ashamed to call himself as Sampooran’s friend. Both end up pushing each other. They separate as they hear other villagers coming.

Veera tries to wake up Ranvi as she wants to she the lion. Ranvi doesnt wakes up, so she decides to go and see it by herself. Veera takes the plate and goes outside the home.

Veera is walking in the jungle. No one is to be seen around. Nihaal hears some noise. He gets alert and turns around to beat it but is shocked to see Bansuri behind him late night. Bansuri offers him tea and asks him whether he is still angry on her. She tells him to have tea so that he stays awake whole night. Nihaal tries to make her realise but she doesnt pays heed to his words. Balwant comes and Bansuri escapes. He asks Nihaal as why he is not with Kartar. Balwants asks him and Kartar to be careful next time.

Veera is still roaming and calls for sherji as she needs to see him. Ratan locks the door and notices the plate is missing. She runs towards the kids room to check if Veera is there. Ratan immediately takes something and goes out to search Veera.

Bansuri hears noise and starts to run. Veera comes out laughing. She tells Bansuri that tiger will eat her for sure as she is not having plate and spoon with her. Bansuri looks terrified and tries to hide her fear. Veera is sure that the tiger will come out at night to search for prey. She says she saw something like tiger while coming but is not sure about it. Bansuri gets shocked even more. She prays to God to protect her and wonders what to do. Veera advises her to sit on tree as tiger has very good smelling capacity.

Precap: Veera is with Nihaal. He is angry on her for leaving home at night. Ratan thanks God that Veera is fine. Nihaal gets mad at Ratan too for being careless about the safety of Veera who doesnt understand anything.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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