Veera 12th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 12th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 12th April 2014 Written Update

Ranveer ask third question from ranveer, which quality of yours gunjan likes most? Then ranveer tells that nothing. Then ranveer says, there is nothing like that, gunjan likes everything about me. Ranveer then says, i am going, i have some urgent work. Veera says, but veerji, gunjan bhabi’s question is left. Veera then take side of ranveer. Veera gets tensed. baldev says, ask question from me, i will give you correct answer. Veera says, dont frustrate. Baldev says, ask me. baldev gives all answer wrong. veera moves from there then baldev says, your brother’s marriage, you want to get most. Baldev says, veera i know i talk like bullshit, but i am not strong hearted, i have also heart. Veera says, you are so bizzare. Baldev says, I was always thinks about likes and unlikes but you dont. Lets go somewhere to know each other. Veera moves away from there by saying thank you.
Gunjan also gives correct answer of ranveer’s question. Gunjan says, i know we are very far from each other but you also know that we had spent all our childhood days. ranveer says, i dont know you properly. I really thinks you wrong. now we are two strangers in same pind. Chaiji says to biji, eat some laddu. you didnt eat single piece at baldev’s house. Biji says, i am understanding anything about ranveer and gunjan. Chaiji says, dont mess up with housband wife relationship. THey will fight and love each other in a minute. Leave it. Biji says, i dont thinks its so easy. If any big issue will occur then we all will sort out. Veera come and says, they need some time and space and we thinks that they have to go somewhere. If they will go somewhere then they will definitely love each other. Biji says, day after tommorrow is bashaki festival, we will sent them at our nearby pind. Veera says, i will arrange all this. Biji says, ranveer and gunjan didnt reach at home. Chaiji talks to somebody then says to ranveer that how could i comeplete votive. Biji and veera gives excuses that they will not go to temple. Ranveer says, i will go there.
Biji says, gunjan, you also going with ranveer. Chaiji says, you will see mataji’s temple by my votive. Veera says, come fast veerji otherwise i will bring you. Veera goes somewhere then she sees that baldev dance on band’s songs. Baldev says, i will arrange all this for our wedding. why dont we do marriage right now.

Precap:- Veera came to bus stop to say, bye to ranveer and gunjan and says, i know this trips is life changing for you.

Update Credit to: tushar

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