Veera 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan talkingg to Bansuri about Baldev and asking her to wait till she comes. She comes and sees Isha dancing and saying she is acting to be hurt. Gunjan meets Alisha, Rishabh’s choreographer. Anmol says she is hot, she came from foreign. Gunjan asks Anmol to practice. He says he is on break to have coffee. She comes to Ranvi and sees him practicing with Meena. Meena says lets take 10min break. Megha says she is going out and asks her to check Ranvi’s costumes. Ranvi, Vishnu and Anmol talk to Isha. Gunjan asks Ranvi to come and talk to her. Ranvi asks what happened. She takes him far and asks if winning important or not, how can he help someone else, sometimes innocent is harmful.

Ranvi says he is helping Isha as she is hurt. Gunjan says she is a liar, I saw her dancing so well. Ranvi says she is strong and does not want to show her pain. Gunjan says focus on winning, they are not your enemies and friends. Meena comes and resumes the dance practice. Gunjan sees Alisha dancing and smiles. She says you dance so well. Alisha says no problem, its break time, I feel you know dance, can you show me. Gunjan dances in her style. They have a talk. Alisha says she is from Canada. Rishabh comes and scolds Gunjan. He asks her to get out. He says you came to spy on me to know my dance steps.

Gunjan scolds him and says why will I do this. Ranvi comes and pushes Rishabh. Rishabh says why did you send your wife here, you come here and spy on me. Rishabh says you will fail. He taunts Ranvi. Rishabh says you see what I do with you. Gunjan says he is doing this to make you angry, leave this, lets go. Megha and Ranvi come for shopping. She says your appearance will matter, people are noticing you. Few girls come and greet Ranvi saying they are his fans. They click selfies with him. Gunjan asks him to smile. They thank him and leave. Megha says great and shows some clothes. She asks him to try.

Megha asks Gunjan is she not afraid when Ranvi becomes a big star, a smart city girl will take him. Gunjan says no, he loves me. She says if I wear modern clothes, no one can compete me. Megha says yes, try western clothes, lets surprise Ranvi. Gunjan says no, he won’t like it. Megha insists. Gunjan goes to try. Ranvi comes ad asks how is this. Megha says wow. Ranvi asks where is Gunjan. Gunjan comes wearing a western dress. Ranvi smiles. He says you are looking good, you wear this clothes till we are in city, buy more. Gunjan smiles and says Ranvi surprised me. Megha laughs.

The show starts. Dev says the lucky 8 names are here and two will be out. The next round is Jodi round and dance will be tough which had your efforts, lets see how much fate favors you. Rishabh is at 1st position. Isha is 2nd. Vishnu is 3rd. Anmol is 4th. Ranvi is tensed. Megha waits for Ranvi’s name and he is at 8th place. Ranvi is glad. Megha and Gunjan are relieved. They clap for him. Dev says all the best, the round will begin in some time. Gunjan calls Veera and gives the good news. She asks her to see on tv.Veera tells this loudly and Ratan and Chaiji hear. Veera says all the best to Ranvi. Chaiji hugs Veera and says she feels like hugging her after a long time, as she was annoyed for hiding a big thing, but now everything is fine. Veera smiles. Ratan brings sweets and gives him. Megha says Ranvi is at last place, he has to focus in next round.

Rishabh and Alisha start the first act on the song Tum se hi…………………they dance well. Dev smiles and looks at Megha. Everyone clap for Rishabh. Gunjan gets tensed.

Someone breaks perfume bottle to hurt him. Dev calls Ranvi. Ranvi steps on the glass and he is hurt. Dev asks Ranvi to come soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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