Vani Rani 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Parkash insults Ajay

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Vani Rani 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adi comes to class and sees Anjali. He scares her everyone laughs.
Sid is lost in memory of Nandani. Vani says I am signing these papers give them to judge. Mishti comes and says good morning mummy. have a nice day. Vani says thanks baby. Mishti says sid is lost. She says sid brother wake up its morning. Mummy’s phone is lost. Sid looks here and there. Vani says whats in your hand? he says your phone. Where is your mind? Didn’t you sleep well? mishti says he can’t sleep. Vani says why? Sid says she is joking. Vani says take these papers.
Vani gives mishti money. Mishti says why? She says for making my morning good.

Ajay comes to banker. He says we can give you this loan but you have to give some property as guarantee.
Rani says you should talk to Parkash. He would be happy. Ajay says no I can’t stoop that low. Don’t worry. I will find a way. Vani comes there.

Parkash comes there and says you went to bank? You thought he won’t tell me? Anyway he called me. Told me about your plan. You ashamed me. What will people say about me? you people are living here to eat up all our money. Ajay looks at rani.

Sartak comes in the class. Anjalu says should I say sorry to him? A girl says are you thinking about him? She says no why? The girl says thanks for abating my competition he is crush. He is so handsomee. HE speaks very less.

Scene 2
Parkash says this Ajay has ashamed me so much. Prabha says eat dinner first.
Prabha makes him eat. She says stay happy. You are my only one here. Ajay and Rani are never mine. They always back stab you. Parkash says what? Prabha says he wants to step you out of your business. This is all his game. He wanted to do business. Went to bank for loan but didn’t take. Because he wants money from you.
Rani says he is mad because you didn’t ask him. He wants to help you. You should go and talk to him.
Prabah says he wanted you to say tthat you would give him money instead of bank. Don’t give him money. He is robbing you while sitting in your house.

Ajay says to Parkash you didn’t come for lunch? Parkash says ask what you are here for? you came to ask for money? Ajay says I need your help. I have made a good plan this time. Parkash says plan to take all my money? ajay says no. Parkash says going to bank was just a drama. You knew the banker knows me and he would call me after you leave from there. He called me and ashamed me. you thought I would give you money but I won’t this time. I don’t trust you. You are a useless man who only fools me for money. Vani is hearing. Go from here.

Precap-Prabha says I clapped and the lamp lit fire. It burned me. Ajay says but I tested it. Parkash says your third class lamp injured my mom. Ajay says no I tested it. Parakash says so is mom lying?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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