Vani Rani 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandani performs well in courts

Vani Rani 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandani says I want to ask Sid a few questions. She says will you tell when did you need an assistant. He says january. She says niti says you raped her on 15th january. For now this in enough. I want to ask Niti a few questions. Nanadani says so this happened on 15th and today is 22nd. I want you to tell everyone why you took a month to go to police. Because people to for FIR right after incident. Niti says I waas scared. He said he will kill me if I tell police. I stayed silent. Then I decided I must stop him before he ruins another girl’s report. Nandani says so she got her medical done right after one day and kept it to herself for a month. Why did she get the medical made if she didn’t decide to go for FIR. She says I wanted to keep proof. I know what happened to me, Sid threatened me.

Nandani says I want to ask Sid a few more questions. She asks Sid so any girl can come to court with a medical report and blame any one right? Niti’s report shows she was raped but now the person who raped her. This way if we trust her how do we know sid raped her? Why didn’t she get DNA test done if she had medical reports made?
She says there is another proof that will prove her wrong. There is an hour break.

Everyone appreciates Nandani. Vidi looks at her in anger. Nandani says Sid I told you I wont let anything happen to you. Vidi can’t do this to you. I am with you always. She caresses his face. Sid says thank you. Police takes him. Kaviya says thank you, you did s well. Nandani says a lot of it is left.

Adhi comes to nandani and they go somewhere. Nandani has a bluetooth in her ear that is hiding behind her hair. Adi says go in. Nandani goes to a room. Vidi is following them. Nandani says lets go we are late. Vidi says who is behind this door? Nandani comes to the room but no one is there. She says if its empty why did she come here?

Nandani gives her next proof in court. She says here is it. Its the bill of credit card. she says this is niti’s credit card bills. She went for a tiny job of no good salary and look at her credit card bills. She had food at 5 star restaurants. She bought expensive purses. Its was just a 20000 salary? How did she spend all this after her rape claims? I want to ask niti a few questions. She comes in witness box.
Nandani says do you have an answer to all these bills? Niti is confused. She says I wanted to make myself happy after all this so I can forget it. Nandani says she is right any woman would go through trauma if this happened. But how did she shop and enjoy so much? Her accusations are false. She is being used to get my client in trouble.
Precap-Vidi says to Nandani I wont let you win this. Nandani says your game is over.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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