Vani Rani 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Vani says no one will go to Dubai

Vani Rani 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mishti says but why? Vani says I am not getting holidays but soon we will go somewhere.
All kids go back to their rooms. Kavviya says my friend just called and said practicals are soon here. Adi says we will make another cool plan. Kavviya says yes we will go to Disney land or something. Mishti sees the tickets. She shows them to Sartak. Sartak says here is the real reason. There was no tickets for us. These are just five tickets for mom dad sid adi and kaniya. Not for extra people. Rani says its all right. I told him to bring five tickets only. Kaviya says what you? She says yes. He was getting tickets for driver and bijli too and i said him not to. kaviya says its about us. We are family. VAni says i was scared of planes so i asked him not to get tickets for us. Kaviya says how could you think we would go without you.

Mishti says then why you asked me to pack? She goes to her room. Rani says why didn’t you all go? You all should. The kids say no we won’t go without you.
Vani calls Parkash aand says I won’t forgive you this time. He says I am sorry. He says you want me to take them all? The tickets are so expensive. How can you be so fool.
She hangs up.

Rani is crying. she says why you never let her be happy. She says to ajay why this always happens between them.
Vani calls parkash but his number is off.
Rani says to Vani this is not parksh’s mistake. Vani says I know everything and I can handle what the problem is.

Scene 2
Bhola says do I have to get the car ready? Kaviya says no we are not going anywhere.
Anjali complains principal about adi and his friends. Principal syas anjali go to your class. I will hanle them. He says I will call parents of you all. All of them say it was Adi’s idea only.

SArtak comes to college. He collides with that girl. He says sorry. She says I am anajali. He says Sartak. All the classmates tells Sartak that they are not giving mark sheets and asking for more money. Sartak says let me talk to mom;

Adi says to Vani are you going to office? She says yes why? he says I.. My principal has called you. She says why? He says a bit ragging. Vani slaps him.

Precap-Principal says ragging is not right.
She shakes head. Principal says are you supporting him? She nods. Its Rani dressed as vani. Sartak comes there with real vani.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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