Valentine week FS~ Shot 1 (Rose day and Propose day) by Kruti

Hey guys….here’s d First part of my FS….which is based on a true story.

The fictional parts r written b/w 3 stars(***) These stars indicate the begin nd end of fictional part
Let me give d character intro first

• • • •
Kunj Uv Cherry Mahi Chinki Rohan nd Twinkle are students of 9th grade.

Apart from Twinkle all others r in the same section.

Kunj Uv Cherry Mahi Chinki Rohan were very close frnds….They could do anything and everything for eo.

Mahi Kunj and Twinkle were classmates till 7th standard. Later d classes were shuffled.

Mahi nd Twinkle have been close frnds since a long time.

Uv Chinki Mahi nd Twinkle commute by d same school van.
• • • •
So I guess this much info abt the characters is sufficient.

Lets move to d first shot

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Approximately a month before the Valentine week

K- Mahi nd Chinki I dont know how but at any cost u have to bring her near the badminton court

M- Kunj I swear one fine day I am gonna kill u…..u and your never ending girlfriends….This is d last Time I am helping u….nxt time seedha jaake co-ordinator ko boldoongi

C- and then….Mahi will he be suspened or removed from the school??

U- Removed from both school nd home…..uncle iski class laga denge

K- madat karni hai toh karo warna I am going.

He turns around to walk away. When All of them scream

All: Ok fine.

C- 4.10 sharp….u wont get much time as badminton practice will start at 4.15 and the P.E teachers will arrive….so better be there on time

The bell rings….end of Lunch break….teacher enters the class. The whole day ends and finally at 4 the school is dismissed.

Mahi nd Chinki roam around trying to search for Twinkle. Finally they spot her in the ground. They go to her.

M- Hii Twinkle.

T- Hey Mahi Hii chinki.

C- How was your day?

T- As always boring….nd that too to the heights of infinity.

M- Accha leave this u need to come with me now

T- where?

C- Just come na dont question much

Saying this Mahi nd Chinki drag Twinkle towards the badminton court. They reached there nd found Kunj,Uv, Cherry and Rohan talking to eachother. They went towards them.

M- Twinkle Kunj wanted to tell u something.

Saying this all the guys nd two girls walk a bit behind nd stand Not too far from them just at a little distance. They could listen to their talks.

T- ya tell me Kunj what u wanted to tell

K- vo..vo actually….(all of a sudden)How was your day

All d other friends start laughing. Twinkle looked confused.

T-(with a questioning expression) ya it was good….is this what u wanted to tell

Kunj dint speak for a minute. Cherry couldnt stop nd said

C- Kunj bolde warna nxt time Co-ordinator

Kunj gave an angry glare to him. And finally

K- ok all I wanted to say was I like u…I wanted to tell u from the past few days but couldnt nd today I am finally telling that I like u….nd I want to give a try to our relation

All the frnds hooted while Twinkle’s jaws dropped down. Before Twinkle could reply anything a whistle was heard. It was the P.E teacher coming. All of them silently walked away from there. Kunj was desperate to know her reply.

@In d school van

Twinkle Mahi Chinki nd Uv were in d van going back home. Twinkle and Mahi were seated beside eo while Uv nd Chinki were in the seat behind them.

T- Mahi what was that??

M- what?

T- U took me there….so that….

M- Haan yar….sorry if u felt bad….but he really likes u

T- U had tld d same about the other two girls whom he had proposed

M- Yes….but this time I am pretty sure he is serious abt u….When he had proposed the other two i could sense that he was just fooling around them but This time he isnt

T- So what do u think I should do

M- maybe tell a yes nd give a try or tell a No and let it go….decision is all yours.

After a few minutes of silence

T-U always knew that I had some feelings for him….Did u tell…??

M- I swear I never did

T- Hmm….ok then let me give a try….so that I get to know it whether it was just a infactuation or do I really feel for him

Mahi Chinki and Uv were happy for their frnd. Once they were back home Uv informed Kunj that Twinkle agreed.

Days pass by Twinj were trying to know more about eachother. Twinkle didnot have a mobile coz of which they had to use the stone age idea of letters. They couldn’t meet eachother a lot due to the strict rules of the school. Rarely they met in d evenings or sometimes in the Lunch breaks.

Twinkle use to hand over a letter to Mahi in d morning and Kunj use to give a letter in responce which reached Twinkle via Mahi or Chinki. This comtinues…..

2 days before the valentine week begun

5th February 2013, Tuesday

Class is in progress. A chit is passed from Kunj towards d bench where Mahi and Rohan were seated. They read the chit

” Guys do u even remember valentine week begins d day after tmrw….help karne ke liye koi plan banaya hai??”

The only thing they were thinking was to chop Kunj’s head of….pyaar kare koi aur saza bhugte koi….but kya karen dosti hai hi aisi cheez.

Finally after having a official meeting in d lunch break they found jugads(ways) to help them.

7th February 2013, Thursday

During the lunch break the ground floor corridors(which had the Kindergarden classes) use to be empty apart from a few cleaners no one use to be there as the lower classes use to be dismissed. So it was decided that they would meet there.

Twinkle came there with a another friend of her’s.A few of the frnds were assigned security job to keep a watch at the corridors connecting to d one where they stood.

***(This part is fictional)

Twinj were standing infront of eo. Kunj had a rose in his hand. He forwarded the rose to Twinkle.

K- Happy rose day

T-(with a blush sort of smile)Thank u….wish u d same.

A smile crept on Kunj’s face

K- did u even remember what today was?

T- ofcourse I did but waited to see something coming from your side.

K- so where’s my rose?

T-(with a sorry face) so sorry I couldn’t get one….but I promise to give u anything that u want as a compensation

K- okk…..(with a naughty grin on his face) a………..hug maybe

Twinkle let her breath out as she thought something else was coming up. She smiled a bit nd was moving towards him. Suddenly

Uv- guys…..sorry sorry but we neex to move some teachers r coming this way

They walked away silently from there.

***(fiction ends)

08th February 2013, Friday

K- Mahi u just have to give this card to Twinkle at anycost during the lunch break

M- Kunj y do I always have to do these risky works….this time chinki is doing it not me….if she isnt doing then go to hell with this card.

K- tum donno mein se koi bhi karo I dont care….but this card should reach her

C- Mahi pls….u only do it….mai karne gayi then pakka gadbad hogi.

M- koi gadbad nahi hogi…dont think negative

In d lunch break

Chinki goes to Twinkle’s class. She couldn’t find Twinkle. She enquires her classmates when she gets to know that Twinkle went to the staff room to get some doubts cleared.

Chinki went back to her class. Turn by turn Uv rohan Mahi nd chinki were keeping a watch on Twinkle’s class to see whether she returned or no. The whole lunch break got over. Mahi was about to enter into her class when she saw twinkle going towards d classroom.

Mahi went to her class Twinkle was still at the door step. She handed her a notebook inside which the card was kept. She turned to go when a teacher questioned her what was she doing there

M- mam I wanted to return one of her books

Tchr- how come her book is with you?

M- mam actually we commute by d same van….in d morning while studying by mistake I carried her book.

Tchr- ok…get back to your class now its already time.

Mahi let a sigh. She entered her class giving angry glare to Kunj nd others.


On the otherside Twinkle was trying to hide d greeting and see it. She some how managed to read it.

It was a red and pink shaded card which had d shadow of a guy proposing a girl. ‘HAPPY PROPOSE DAY’ was written in bold letters. There were a few more lines written which read as:

“As the days go by my love gets stronger to let you know this I cant wait any longer…
When you look into my eyes you will see that its true….
Day and night my love is just for you”

See u at the badminton court @ 4.

Twinkle couldn’t stop smiling nd blushing but somehow she managed to hide it from the teacher in the class.


Twinkle came near the badminton court exactly at 4. The whole group was present there. As soon as she came

C- Twinkle give your school diary soon

T- School diary??? What for

M- first give it

Twinkle gave d diary. Mahi took it and threw it towards Cherry.

T- now tell me y u want it

C- to forge your mom’s sign

T- wth….u guys r forging signs but y??

Uv- coz Kunj wants to have a coffee with you nd The school van authoritises wont allow you to leave the van and go until u dont give them a letter.

T- what if we are caught nd how will I reach home then

Kunj who was standing there silently spoke.

K- we wont be caught coz U will reach home exactly at the time u reach everyday….So your mom wont get any doubt….We will go with this plan only if u are ok with it.

Kunj took the letter from cherry and gave it to Twinkle. She read the letter. It stated that Twinkle will have to go to her uncle’s home so her uncle would pick her up for today. After thinking for a few seconds She said ok.

Twinkle went and submitted the letter nd moved out of the school with Kunj.


Twinj walked to a nearby cafe. The cafe was decorated with balloons and ribbons. They sat on a table facing eo. After some random conversation Kunj held her hand on the table entangling their fingers. They shared a cute eye lock.

K- I dont know why I like you
I dont knoe why I feel sad on a day when I dont see you
I only know one thing that I dont bear any meaning without you
I know what LOVE is, and its only because of U
I Love You ❤

Twinkle had a broad smile on her face. Though a bit cheezy….but they were cute

T- I love u too….Mr. cutiepie

He gave her a small bracelet which had heart shaped design. After a while

T- Kunj I guess I need to leave….or I may be late

K- ya sure


Twinkle managed to reach back home not exactly on time….a bit late maybe 15 to 20min late. But Bangalore’s traffic is always at the rescue of such ppl…..The best reason for being late.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

How was it….nd the fictional parts were only the part where I dint know what exactly had happened. I hadn’t seen d greeting so I dont know how it was. And d cafe scene….I only knew that he had proposed her nd gifted a bracelet nd she was a bit late in reaching back home.

So here was the first shot…..I hope u guys liked it.
Comment and share your views….any quieries u can question me…..I am eagerly waiting to see your response

P.S ignore errors if any as I havn’t re-read it

Loads of Love

  1. Presha

    Hey kruti i m the first ya I read I read awesome lovely cute just loved it ohh my god its so beautiful real main kitna mazza aaua hoga na..

    1. Kruti

      Thanks presha….I am happy that u liked it
      Nd ya real life mein itna maza aya tha ki I cannot imagine to have such good nd joyous days anytime in d future

    itv was nice n amazing
    do continue

    1. Kruti

      Thanks maha
      Will continue asap

  3. Mia12

    Yesss… I think m second,??…..
    And omggg such a wonderful n adorable story,???? love it,?? love it,??love it,?? and I couldn’t help but smiling continually while reading it 1st to last,☺☺☺☺ twinj scean was shooo,????? and chinki and mahi,?? well post soon,, and ur ff to, but what I heard this u giving ur ff to sad ending,?? plzzz don’t do this??? wese bhi pehlehi Ammu ki ff mai sad ending ko abhi bhi bhula nai pai mai,,???and now I can’t bear it plzz,??, OK bye,?? Love you,❤❤❤

    1. Kruti

      Hey priya…..thank u for such an encouraging comment….I am glad that u liked it…..I’ll post d nxt one soon

      And with regard to my ff….I’ll give a sad end….but it wont be a sad end to d story of twinj…..I know confusing hai….dont worry It’ll be cleared soon

      Loads of love?

  4. Affaa

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    1. Kruti

      Di i tld u not to be sad….nd solution bhi diya hai first comment karne ka….so chillax
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    1. Kruti

      Haye mai mar jawan itna cute sa comment???……Love u soooooo much❤…..Thank u for always encouraging nd supporting me?

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      Ya I know its interestings thats y thought to share it with u…..Thank u for such a lovely comment…..I am glad that u liked it
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