Uttaran 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tappu comes to talk to Damini. I cannot lessen your pain but you will have to take care of yourself. Only you can support Meethi. Even Akash is not with her in such a condition. You will have to be strong so as to take care of Meethi. Damini agrees with her. Mukku comes to tell them that she is going to meet Meethi. I will leave for hospital from there directly. Nani tells her she wont go anywhere. You have come back from hospital an hour back only and you are going again. You should take care of your health as you are pregnant. You too need rest. Tappu sides with Nani. Mukku will eat breakfast with Vishnu. Nani reminds her of what the doctor had said. Stop taking too much stress, what if something happens to your baby too (like it happened with Meethi). Tappu stops her right there. Nani gives up while Mukku and Damini leave for Meethi’s home. Nani is still worried as to when Mukku will understand. Tappu doesn’t find it wrong. Nani tells her to be practical. Doctors too have given up. Think about Mukku. Who will she take care of when her baby is born – the baby or Vishnu? Tappu tells her to end it here only. Don’t talk this in front of either Mukku or Mr. Rathore as you very well know how he wont tolerate it. She leaves. Nani is adamant. I know everything but someone will have to do something to make Mukku’s life better.

Akash comes to his room and finds Meethi sleeping on the chair. He carefully removes the book from her hand which wakes her up. He turns his face to the other side. She was worried for him and asks him about his whereabouts. Meethi apologizes to Akash. I know you are upset with me and are not able to forgive me for whatever happened but I wasn’t at fault in any of this. I am sorry. Talk to me as I feel suffocated this way. I cannot live like this. I am sorry! She notices the wound in his hand and becomes worried. He tells her that he finished some incomplete work which surprises her. He is about to go but she stops him. Sit / talk to me for some time. I need you right now. Don’t do this to me. He removes her hand telling her not to take him wrong. I want to be alone for some time. I will be home soon. Take your medicines on time. He walks out of the room even though she tries to talk to him. She looks at the blood marks in her hands and feels bad.

Akash meets Mukta and Damini on the stairs. He doesn’t reply to anything which Mukku asks. He simply leaves after seeking Ammo’s blessings. Damini feeds Mukku and Meethi while the title track plays in the background. She encourages them never to give up however hard the situation is. Bad times too shall pass. She goes to get another paratha for them. Meethi and Mukku talk about the baby which Meethi has lost. Meethi is sad thinking her destiny and love is upset with her. If I would have kept my promise then maybe my baby would have been alive today. Mukku tells her that her dad has handed over Yuvi to the police. Meethi tells her how much she had tried to make Yuvi see sense but if he is destined to be in jail then be it. Mukku tells her not to take too much stress. Everything will be fine. I have to go to the hospital now. Meethi agrees to come and pay a visit to Vishnu someday too. Mukku leaves. Meethi decides to meet someone else today (Yuvi).

Meethi comes to meet Yuvi in jail. She is holding a puja thaal in her hand. He is not happy to see her as he knows that she has come to mock him. she tells him that it is he who has made a joke of her. I was told I have only one brother – Kanha bhaiya. I was so happy with him but when I grew up I came to know I have another brother. I was so excited to meet or spend time with you. I had also bought rakhi’s for you to tie them all in your hand together to make up for the past years. But that day wont come ever now as you have killed my unborn baby. She throws the rakhi’s at his face. You did one great thing by ending my years’-long wait in a second. From tomorrow onwards, I will neither buy a rakhi for you nor wait for you. We shared blood relations but you ended it today by killing my baby. I have come here to end our relations. She begins the ritual while he looks on. A chant plays in the background. If something will be written in the history about a brother-sister’s relation that I am that unfortunate sister who has done tilanjali of her alive brother. You (my brother) are dead for me from today onwards. He holds her hands forcefully and tells his views on their relation. I have never thought of you as my sister. I have no one whom I can call my own. You can do whatever you want to about our relation I don’t care. Meethi frees her hands and slaps him. You can never change for good. Thank god that you are behind the bars or else I would have (killed) you with my own hands. She leaves from there angrily.

Next morning Meethi wakes up and finds Akash sleeping. She looks at the calendar and there is a heart marked on today’s date. She remembers their wedding and wedding night. Akash wakes up and looks at her. He realises it too and feels a little bad about it. She has noticed that he has gotten up and composes herself. Mukku calls her and wishes her on her first anniversary. She reminds them of the bet which Akash and Meethi had placed – whoever will wish first will decide the venue of the party. Meethi stays mum which worries Mukta. Meethi lies that it was Akash who wished me first. He woke up before me and also made tea for me. He can never forgive our wedding anniversary. Akash feels bad as he hears her convo.

Precap: A gift is delivered for Meethi. The delivery guy tells her that her husband had booked it 15 days earlier itself. Meethi takes the gift and comes face to face with Akash. They both wish each other cordially. She thanks him for the gift (without opening it). He looks worried while she opens the gift. It is a photo frame (expected to be with a baby’s picture).

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