Uttaran 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Meethi saying this is what the society thinks and follows but I refuse to abide by what the society says. A pr*stitute’s daughter has as much right to live as a Thakur’s son. I am the daughter of Iccha Veer Singh Bundela. I wont let any injustice happen with Rani. I will go to my home to think about it. mukta apologizes to Meethi once again but Meethi has no complains with her. I was selfish in your eyes and you are selfish in my eyes. You did what you thought was right as you are a mother. Now I will do what I find right as I am a mother too. I will save Rani even if I have to die in the process. I wont back out from my duty I promise. She leaves with Akash.

Rani cries in the room. Chameli feels something bad and wakes up with a start. Is my Rani fine? Has something happened to her? please save her God. Let her stay with Meethi ji only.

Akash comes home and angrily calls out for his Maiyya. Everyone rushes downstairs. Maiyya pretends to be concerned for Rani. He tells her to stop the drama. I got to know that you and Nani have left Rani at Ratna Bai’s brothel. Meethi questions Maiyya. How can you do this being a woman yourself? Maiyya tries to put the blame on Mukta and Nani but Meethi isn’t in a mood to hear her excuses. Rani is a kid. We all will be responsible if anything happens to her tomorrow. maiyya says it will be you who will be at fault. You had brought her here. What was the need to bring that bad blood here? My son loves you a lot so you will do anything? You will stain my family’s name? I have cleaned the whole house and gave Rani to those goons. They already knew that Rani is here. If I wouldn’t have done it then there would have been bloodshed at this place. Fate will only give brothel to the one who was born there. Meethi replies that the little girl doesn’t even know what fate means. If Rani wasn’t a pr*stitute’s but Akash’s daughter then would you have done the same? Would you have left her at the brothel? Maiyya slaps Meethi, shocking everyone.

Damini comes to Jogi’s room to talk to him. he wipes his tears before turning to look at her. she begins to apologize but he says Meethi isn’t doing anything wrong. For the first time I am feeling that Meethi is right but the mind tells me to stop her as the consequences might not be good. I don’t want her to be in any trouble. Don’t know why I am feeling that fate is hinting at something which Meethi isn’t ready to hear or see. Damini says I too tried explaining her but in vain. She said so much to you. He agrees that Meethi isn’t wrong. She might not be related to me by blood but she is my daughter just like Iccha. Damini feels that Iccha will show the right path to Meethi at the right time. He affirms.

Maiyya looks at her hand with which she just slapped Meethi. she apologizes for the mistake as she realises the same. I couldn’t help myself as you said something outrageous. Why will my son’s daughter be born out of a pr*stitute’s womb? Meethi apologizes to her. you felt bad. I too feel bad. Akash is your son. You felt bad when I said that about Akash. Being Rani’s mother I too feel bad. Maiyya replies that she loves her a lot. I have seen life more than you. Don’t test my patience. Do you even know what it is to be a mother? Meethi and Akash look at her in shock as she walks out from there. All the family members leave one by one too. Meethi cannot understand why no one is ready to understand it. I agree she is a pr*stitute’s daughter but what’s her fault in this? what would have Maiyya done if she was your daughter? He knows that Maiyya would have done anything and everything to save Rani in that case. She wont be scared to even sacrifice her life for the same. meethi agrees to do it then. I will save Rani as I am her mother. She goes inside as Akash looks on.

Malvika goes to give water to Maiyya. You shouldn’t get angry in this age. Plus you shouldn’t have raised your hand on Meethi. she has considered Rani her daughter so a mother’s heart will cry for her daughter obviously. Maiyya tells her to be quiet. You too were poor and were selling flowers outside temple. I felt pity for you so I brought you here which doesn’t mean that I will give you my family’s name or this house. I am Meethi’s MIL. I wont let her do anything that she feels like. I should have slapped Akash as he has become joru ka ghulam. I will save my family name. I have raised my kids after a lot of difficulty.

Ambika talks to Sankrant. How would Meethi know how a mother brings up her kids! What if Rani was Akash’s daughter? Akash will go to a pr*stitute? His daughter will be a pr*stitute’s daughter? He tells her to stop thinking about his brother like that. She says Maiyya would have felt the same anger as Meethi joined Akash’s name with a pr*stitute. I dint like it that you kept quiet when Meethi said such a big thing. plus she wants to make such a girl the heir of this house! He doesn’t know what to do so she guides him like always. Support your mother. Agree bhabhi is like mother but how can the blood of you family be someone who is born in drain and filth. How can Meethi say this? It was good that Maiyya slapped her.

Maiyya is irked that Meethi has taken undue advantage of her love. malvika supports her. you go out and bring anyone’s, a pr*stitute’s daughter, to home and became a mother. Maiyya says she is not even regretting her mistake. Look at Ambika, she is trying. Being the younger one, she continues to apologize to me while the elder DIL cannot stop insulting me. malvika nods. It is better to love Devrani’s kid then as she is going to be a mother soon. meethi will be called Badi ma only. She thinks, you should continue doing such mistakes Meethi. one day I will get you thrown out of this house just like Rani. Maiyya is in deep thoughts.

In her room, Meethi is worried about Rani. She cries as she thinks about Rani. On the other hand, Rani too is crying continuously. Mukta is lying down with Manav. Chameli too is feeling restless in the prison.

Next morning, Meethi and Mukta take Akash to jail. He is shocked to know that Meethi wants to meet someone there. Meethi comes to meet Chameli in prison. Chameli suggests her to forget her. it doesn’t matter to anyone if I live or die. How’s my Rani? Chameli finds Meethi all quiet and gets worried. Meethi tells her that Rani is missing. Chameli is shocked.

Precap: Akash is outside but wants to go inside to meet Chameli too as Meethi is there. Inspector says you should have gone inside with your wife only. How can we let you go now? Let her come. We will ask the prisoner if she wants to meet you then only you will be sent inside. Akash reasons that its been just five minutes that Meethi has gone inside. Inspector stays put. Akash loudly calls out for Meethi which both Meethi and Chameli hear. Chameli looks in his direction.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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