Uttaran 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 25th December 2013 Written Update

Divya meets Mukku. Mukku seems to be upset with her for not coming in her wedding. Jogi takes Divya’s side. You know we decided upon your marriage in a day. Mukku smiles now. Divya says it was not possible to return from America on time even though I so wanted to come. Leave all that you tell you are happy with Vishnu right? Mukku agrees. Nani intervenes. She is so happy that she is searching for a job. Divya is worried. Mukku tells her how she gets bored at home. I am well educated so thought to get a job. Jogi likes the idea. He is happy to see her happy.

Rathore makes an entry. He comments that she is so happy with her husband that she forgot her dad. Everyone is happy to see him. Mukku is upset with him as he hasn’t been to her home even once till now. You know I have decorated it

completely. I do everything on my own including cooking. Everyone is happy to see their bonding. Mukku invites everyone for lunch. I will cook it. Rathore promises her. Nani keeps making faces. Rathore goes to meet Divya now. The house felt empty without you. She welcomes him and asks him to sit. Mukku asks for her gift. Divya says I have brought some very special gifts for you and Meethi. Mukku gets happy. Give me her gifts. I will give them to her on my way home. But then she realises she cannot go there as Vishnu must be waiting for her. Everyone smiles except Nani. Divya tells her to let it be. Your dad will go to give them. Rathore gets serious which is noticed by Jogi. Divya asks him if he will go to give Meethi her gifts. Rathore agrees to go. Jogi notices the look on Rathore’s face. Mukku sits with Divya wanting to know everything about her trip. Rathore wonders what if he gets to meet Dharamvir Chaubey today. jogi comes to him. He asks him if he doesn’t feel like going to Meethi’s home. Rathore denies. jogi shares Tappu’s worries. Rathore puts it on the business front. He asks Mukku if he can drop her. She wants to talk more. Rathore has no option but to wait. Jogi realises something’s up for sure with Rathore.

Maiyya is cutting supari in her room while chanting Ambika and Meethi’s names in anger. I feel like cutting them the same way. Her finger gets hurt in the process. That Ambika must have cursed her just now (that’s why this cut). Gomti and Pavitra come there. Why do you worry so much? What are they both in front of you? Just then they hear Chaubey calling out for Maiyya. Maiyya calls him a butcher. Don’t know what all expenses we will have to bear this time.

Chaubey meets Ambika by the time Maiyya and her sisters join them. Maiyya greets them but is sure he will ask for something big this time. Chaubey asks Ambika about which necklace was she talking (which Maiyya has given to her). Show me! maiyya says that necklace was given to me by my MIL. She asked for it so I gave it. He asks her if she gave the necklace only. No bangles? Maiyya tells him her MIL dint give any bangles to her. Chaubey gives her a card of Chandan Jewellers. He has already placed an order in her name for bangles for Ambika. Maiyya takes it and gives to Pavitra. Gomti explains how two marriages have happened in the house. Money situation is a little tight. Maiyya affirms. Will give everything one by one. Cannot give everything to one DIL right. Chaubey counters there is no point giving anything to elder DIL as Akash has all the business of her father in his hands. Pavitra reasons that this is just a starting point for Akash. Chaubey offers Ekadish to take a round of his office (police station). You will like it. Maiyya takes the cue. I will go get them. Chaubey is hungry so they all focus on setting the table now.

Rathore reaches Bundela House. He again thinks about what will happen if he meets Chaubey today. But why would he be here at his daughter’s house? He takes the gifts and heads towards the main door.

Everyone is having dinner. Chaubey spills some curry on his kurta. Ambika tells him to go clean it and he agrees for it. Bell rings. Chaubey asks if some other guest is coming. Maiyya shakes her head. He heads for the washroom while Pavitra goes to see who has come. Rathore very sweetly calls himself postman. I have brought a courier of love and gifts for Meethi from her badi ma (Divya). He asks for her health. She is happy to know Divya is back. She will have to come here to meet me in person. Rathore agrees to courier this message back home. They ask him to have food with them but he denies. Some other day! Akash goes to drop him outside. Maiyya asks Gomti how come he wasn’t wearing his shades today! chaubey comes back and Rathore exits with Akash. Chaubey asks about him but no name is shared.

Akash and Meethi have some romantic talks. He wants to make her wear a saree but she declines. he asks her what if he would have been at the wheelchair. Meethi stops him from talking like that. Ambika was passing by from there and stops to overhear their convo. Meethi tells him never to say something like that again. Akash in turn kisses her hand to change the mood. They move closer for a kiss but Meethi pushes him playfully. Ambika hides. Meethi wants to go to the temple with him in the evening. He says it wont be possible today as I have a very important meeting. You have to come along with me as well. We will go to temple some other day. Meethi agrees. Akash gets a call and goes to a corner (where Ambika is hiding) to attend it. Akash is speaking to someone (Shrama ji) on phone about booking a pool side table in some restaurant. No one else should be there. Get 3 musicians as well. The decorations should be fantabulous. Ambika overhears this and wonders what Akash is up to. Akash tells Sharma ji to make sure the food is all veg. Meethi calls out for him asking for his help. Ambika understands the plan. Surprise romantic dinner for Meethi! Meethi will always get a different surprise till I am here.

Sankrant is getting ready to go to the market to buy new plants for the garden. Two buttons on his shirt is torn. She nods. You are here for all this work only. He doesn’t want to get the buttons stitched again as he doesn’t have to go to office like Akash. She gives him another kurta to change. He tells her how he used to be called a loafer in Aatishgarh. But you have changed my life a lot. She says change happened in my life too. I have an idea regarding Maiyya and Massi’s. I was thinking they don’t get to go anywhere. They stay so busy with household work all day. Why don’t you take them to a satsang tonight? A renowned saint from Kashi has come. He agrees to take everyone including Akash too. Ambika reasons how Meethi will climb the stairs of a temple. She feels bad. Plus it isn’t good to remind her every time that she cannot walk. You take Maiyya with you. I will take care of Meethi bhabhi. Someone should be here to cook food. You know what happened yesterday when Meethi was cooking. He is happy to see her concern for everyone. He agrees to talk to Maiyya. Ambika is happy. You don’t know how bad / hurtful my coming into your family and your life would turn out to be. You will get to know then how lucky you are.

Mukku is packing lunch for Vishnu when he comes and hugs her. They share some happy cute romantic moments. Their moment breaks when the phone rings. It is from the company (Yuvaan Exports) where Mukku had gone for her interview. It is the manager. He asks him boss if he should confirm her. The boss shows a thumbs up sign to him. Manager confirms Mukku. You have been selected. You can join from tomorrow. Mukku hugs Vishnu after the call and shares the good news with him. He asks her if she has done a background check of the company. She affirms. The company has grown more since the new CEO has joined. Vishnu is happy. They plan a dinner outside tonight. He thinks of taking an off today but she sends him home.

Manager tells his boss that Mukta Kashyap will join them tomorrow. The CEO laughs. Only one interview; one leaflet and one selection. Now the time will move on my cue and will stop as per my command too.

Precap: Ambika acts as if she is ill. Akash tells her that he and Meethi have to go out. We will be back in 3 hours. Ambika tells Meethi to go. I will manage it all by myself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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