Uttaran 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 1st May 2014 Written Update

Mukta neither believes Meethi nor Akash. Mukta gets Yuvi’s call. He talks to her casually but she starts crying. She tells him that Vishnu is missing. He acts all concerned and offers to help her in case she needs anything. She thanks him for the same. Unfortunately strangers are with me whereas my own people (are not)! Meethi, Akash and Jogi are hurt by her remark. She ends the call and Yuvi kisses his mobile phone out of happiness. He speaks to an unconscious Vishnu.

Meethi tries to talk to Mukta but she blames Akash for everything. I am going to the police station to register a complaint against me. He tells her to instead get him arrested right away but give me one chance to prove my innocence. Meethi tells her to think it through. Why would we harm Vishnu? We all share some relation after all. You are my sister, my friend, my life. How can you even think that I will hurt you? She requests Mukta to give them some time. We are not lying. We only want time to find out Vishnu. You can do this much atleast. Akash wants 24 hours to find Vishnu after which she is free to decide whatever she feels like. Jogi too feels that they should be given a chance. They are not your enemies after all. Mukta gives Akash 24 hours’ time. I can do anything after your time is up. She glares at the couple and then sits back inside the car. Meethi holds Akash’s hand so as to support him.

At Thakur House everyone is waiting anxiously for them to return. Mukta comes home without Vishnu and they ask her about it. Divya and Nani take away Mukta while Tappu looks at her father sadly. Akash and Meethi are unable to sleep. Nain parindey plays in the background. On the other hand, Mukta is not in a mood to eat without knowing anything about Vishnu. She gets up to go and stops as she looks at her wedding photo. Tears stream down her face as she recalls their happy moments spent together. She next picks up Akash and Meethi’s wedding photo and throws it on the floor angrily. Tappu watches her in disbelief. Mukta runs from there crying with Tappu following her. Damini, Kanha and Divya feel bad about it. Meethi is looking at Akash who is staring blankly at the ceiling ahead. They will have to tell Kajri bhabhi’s truth to everyone if they don’t find Vishnu by tomorrow. It might be that Mukta can file a case against me as all the photos are pointing at me only. I can’t understand what to do! Meethi suddenly realises that someone was there who was clicking their photos. who can do all this (clicking, printing and sending them to Mukta) on such a short notice? Akash too gets thinking. Meethi deduces that there was someone else there who knew about Vishnu, Kajri didi, Mukta and even about the fact that Mukta is at bade papa’s house as of now.

Maharani checks with Munna about Kajri. Even Yuvaan has not been able to trace her till now. She instructs Munna to set all their other men behind Kajri too. Munna leaves. Maharani mentally warns Yuvaan not to even think about cheating her.

Next morning, Meethi asks Akash to recall all the facts in exact manner. We don’t have much time. He starts telling her everything when Kajri cuts him in between. Vishnu was trying to save me. Akash and Meethi are surprised. Vishnu had come to know who I was by then. He wanted to take me away from there. I was scared what if he gets hurt or something so I was telling him to go away. Akash discerns that he made a mistake as he misunderstood the situation. Meethi wants to know how Vishnu reached there in the first place. Kajri replies that she has no idea about it. Plus even Vishnu dint recall as to why was he there. He was saying that some guy brought him here but he dint knew why. Meethi is now sure that someone did take Vishnu there but who can it be?

Damini is lighting lamp in front of Iccha’s photo when she sees Yuvi’s reflection in it and turns back in shock. Yuvi introduces himself and also touches her feet. Damini goes upstairs to call Mukta. Yuvi folds his hands in front of Iccha’s photo. You must be happy to see the games that I am playing with your family. You started it but now you will see how I will snatch away everyone’s happiness. Mukta comes downstairs looking all lost. He assures her he too is looking for Vishnu. He has come here to check on her. Have you informed police yet? She answers in negative. He tells her to wait for some time. I will circulate Vishnu’s photos. I have many contacts and I am sure he will be home soon. She thanks him for his help and asks about his health.He declines when she offers to make a coffee. He is with her and wont let anything happen to Vishnu till he is here. He envelops her in a hug much to her and Damini’s surprise. Mukta is uncomfy so she slightly pulls herself free without being rude. He takes her leave. Damini is thinking something.

Maiyya comes downstairs and asks the trio if there is some problem. Akash doesn’t share it. He diverts it to his office talks. She asks him if Kajri is helping him in his office work. Kajri had come to give him coffee. Both the ladies leave. Meethi asks Akash if he doesn’t feel that Vishnu has changed somewhat. Since last few days he is reacting differently. He even complimented me a little differently. Flashback plays. Akash agrees with her. When he had fought with me then I had felt that it is some other Vishnu altogether. All the incidents are shown where Vishnu and Akash had a brawl and later on Vishnu had declined doing anything untoward. He cools down equally fast like he gets angry. Meethi nods. There is something which we all are not aware of. We will have to find out what has happened as I don’t find Vishnu’s behaviour normal.

Precap: Meethi and Kanha get to know Vishnu’s truth from the doctor. They meet Yuvi outside in the corridor. He says I came to know yesterday from Mukta herself that Vishnu is missing. He is missing plus he is mentally unstable. Meethi later on realises that Yuvi knew that Vishnu is mentally unstable. How can this be when only the two of us know this bhaiya.

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