Uttaran 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th March 2013 Written Update

Starts with the shivling & Meethi standing in front of it. She recalls Guruma’s words of Akash’s small life & folds her hands towards the shivling and goes to the well to figure out the mechanism of taking out water from the well. She fails in her first attempt but recalls Akash’s words of how she had promised him that she can go to any length for him. Determined, she gets up again & this time is successful in taking out water but steps on a stone and the water spills. She is sad & hurt but gets up again with great difficulty. She again pulls out another bucket of water from the well. Different mantras are playing in the background.

Maiyya & Akash are watching all this unfold hiding behind a tree. Both are enjoying seeing her in so much pain. Meethi succeeds in giving Anjali to the shivling this time.

Maiyya says to Akash….what does she know….this isn’t puja but our revenge. She thanks guruma who folds her hands back at her. Guruma recalls her own words (what she had said to Meehti).
Scene shifts to Meethi who is feeling excessive heat and is sweating because of the sun.

Nirbhaya is in the jeep waiting to take guruma. She glances again at Meethi…smiles looking at her & goes with Nirbhaya.

Meethi sits down & has a fainting spell (on hari om is playing in the background). She asks for God to give her strength. She walks to the shivling…and blood is coming out from her feet as she has to step on huge stones to reach the shivling. Akash watches her holding the bell to support herself from falling.

Maiyya comments see, she is paying for her mother’s sins. The pain she has given us, we will give the same amount of pain to that Iccha’s daughter.
Meethi finally faints. Akash points the same to his mother.
She says let her stay here till sunset. After that, bring her home. Both leave from there.

At hospital, everyone is waiting anxiously outside the OT. Mukta asks him to relax and take some rest for some time. He is getting impatient by every passing minute. He points out the same to her that the doctor had said it would take 7 hours but it’s almost 8 hours now. I won’t let her go this time.
Mukta says she understands but he should relax now while Rathore repeats that he won’t let her go this time….not this time.

The doctors come out of the OT. All rush to him and ask about Tappu. He replies that the operation went by smoothly. But she is still critical and they can only assure 50-50 chances as of now. We cant say anything for sure…we will have to wait for 72 hours.
Rathore loses his cool and lashes out at him. What the hell is this? You said 7 hours but the operation took 8 hours. Now you want me to wait for another 72 hours? What you want that I wait for another 3 days and not do anything? If you cant handle this case, then tell me. I will get the best doctors from any corner of the world for her. But don’t give me these blo*dy excuses. I will save her. If anything happens to her because of you then….

Mukta asks him to relax. He shouts that he doesn’t know what he will do then. Jogi too calms him down saying that they are the best doctors of this city they wont let anything wrong happen to Tappu. He apologizes to the doctor. He replies that he understands what they are going through, but they have to have faith in them too. In these 72 hours whatever has to happen will happen by God’s will. All console Rathore. The camera shows an unconscious Tappu.

Meethi is lying on ground. Someone approaches her and turns her face towards the sky. Om trayambhakam is playing in the background.


Kajri brings cold water for Meethi. Meethi dips her feet in it and cries out in pain. Seeing her in so much pain, all enjoy while Kajri too cries. Maiyya tells to mama that she is very proud of her daughter-in-law. Mama smiles at her. She asks Kajri to move aside so that she can check her feet and hands.
Meethi winces in pain at her touch. She puts wet cloth on her hands to soothe the pain & compliments her that she is indeed pativrata (someone who can go to any lengths to save her husband’s life).

A crying Kajri looks at Nirbhaya & then rushes inside as she cant see all this.

Mama thanks guruma for helping them out. Now there is no more danger looming on their son’s life. Meethi smiles hearing this while Maiyya asks her to take some rest. Meethi gets up to go and is about to fall when Akash catches her in time.

Maiyya and all notice this. Akash says….that’s it Meethi. It is enough now. You have had enough of all this but I can’t see you in all this trouble. Maiyya smirks.
Akash asks Meethi to rest and tells everyone that he is taking her to their room. He lifts her in his arms. All look in surprise. They both leave and Maiyya comments that their son knows all the ways to crook. Right bhaiya? Mama smiles and nods at her.


Akash brings her to their room and puts her on the bed. They are both lost looking into each other’s eyes. He sees her injuries and asks her why…why is she doing all this for him?
Meethi replies because she loves him and can do anything for him.
He says but if anything would have happened to her then what will he do?
She sweetly replies that she could only lose her life in all this na. But if it can save his life and prolong it then anything for him.
He asks her not to do anything like this ever again. They both hug and both say I love you to each other.
Akash thinks in mind (evilly) I will give you & your family the same pain that my Maiyya had to face in her life. I won’t let you live happily ever. Episode ends on his evil face.


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